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Type: Text
Title: Part II, Series 4, Section 2: Material Culture - Miscellaneous Notes
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Collection of notes on many aspects of daily life: clothing, dyes, braiding, coconut fibres, string, building of mareabas, fishing among other things
Description: Ms notes by Maude and others on clothing, dyes, braiding, coconut fibres / string, building of mareabas, fishing and salt manufacture, smoking the toddy shell, shells, travelling, fish-hooks, counting, weights, measurements and colours, canoes, surgical instruments – in Gilbertese and English - relate to Beru, Banaba, Tarawa, and unidentified Also letter re copying files for Dr Koch of the Museum für Völkerkinde in Berlin 15/12/1964
Call number: MSS 0003
Appears in Collections:Part II, Series 4, Section 2: Gilbert and Ellice Islands Files

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