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2018Why should I believe this? Deciphering the qualities of a credible online customer reviewClare, C.; Wright, G.; Sandiford, P.; Paucar-Caseras, A.
2006Why young consumers adopt interactive technologiesArthur, D.; Sherman, C.; Appel, D.; Moore, L.
2015Wiki use that increases communication and collaboration motivation: a reflection several semesters laterDavidson, R.
2012Wiki use that increases communication and collarboration motivationDavidson, R.
2007Willingness of the poor to pay for improved access to solid waste collection and disposal servicesMurad, Wahid; Raquib, Md. Abdur; Siwar, Chamhuri
2006Win for you, win for me: assessing a corporation's performance may become easier with the introduction of a less complex sustainable balanced scorecard with a single indicator outcome.Hubbard, G.
2008Wine Preferences and Market Segmentation:an application of the BEST:WORST Method to Italian consumersGoodman, S.; World Congress of Vine and Wine (31st : 2008 : Verona, Italy)
2011Wine product bundling: for a new segment of wine consumersMatthews, C.; Goodman, S.; Habel, C.; Somogyi, S.; International Conference of the Academy of Wine Business Research (09-JUN-11 : Bordeaux, France)
2009Wine purchase decisions and consumption behaviours: insights from a probability sample drawn in Auckland, New ZealandJaeger, S.; Danaher, P.; Brodie, R.
2009Wine service marketing, value co-creation and involvement: research issuesHollebeek, L.; Brodie, R.
2016A wine tourist behavior model for Australian winery cellar doorsChen, X.; Bruwer, J.; Cohen, J.; Goodman, S.
2007Women entrepreneurs in Singapore - are they different?Seet, P.; Seet, L.; Ahmad, N.; International Entrepreneurship Research Exchange (4th : 2007 : Brisbane, Australia)
2007Women in accounting: equal participants or a 'reserve force of labour'?Lightbody, M.; Conference on Social and Environmental Accounting Research (6th : 2007 : Sydney, Australia)
2017Women on boards and greenhouse gas emission disclosuresHollindale, J.; Kent, P.; Routledge, J.; Chapple, L.
2016Women on the board of directors and corporate tax aggressiveness in Australia : an empirical analysisRichardson, G.; Taylor, G.; Lanis, R.
2008Work and work-family values in accountancy: A person-culture fit approachSee, H.; Kummerow, E.
2014Work integrated learning — expanding partnerships with businessThomas, J.; Prinsley, R.; Kay, J.; Westcott, L.; Lambert, J.; Coventry, P.; Universities Australia Higher Education Conference (26 Feb 2014 - 28 Feb 2014 : Canberra)
2008Working in culturally diverse groups: How to enhance the learning experience of MBA studentsMuzychenko, O.; Seet, P.; Wells, R.; International Conference on Educational Leadership in Cultural Diversity and Globalisation (2008 : Phuket, Thailand)
1999World Wide Web versus mail surveys: A comparison and reportMedlin, C.; Roy, S.; Chai, T.; Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (1999 : Sydney, N.S.W)
2011Worldwide willingness to delegate and country labor qualityLiberman, L.; Boehe, D.