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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Acculturation and consumer behaviour: The case of Chinese Australian consumersQuester, P.; Karunaratna, A.; Chong, I.; ANZMAC (2000 : Gold Coast, Australia)
2012The accuracy of design-based judgments: a constructivist approachOrth, U.; Malkewitz, K.
2008Achieving high growth and high performance simultaneously: The strategic implememtation roles of adaptive culture and proactive capabilitiesKoh, H.; Hubbard, G.; Seet, P.; Tan, J.; Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (2008 : Anaheim, California)
2008Acquisitions from UK firms into emerging marketsGraham, M.; Martey, E.; Yawson, A.
2007Action research for enterprise researchPerry, C.; Rao Hill, S.
1999Activity-Based Costing: Improved Product Costing or Activity ManagementThorne, H.; Gurd, Bruce
2016Actor engagement as a microfoundation for value co-creationStorbacka, K.; Brodie, R.; Böhmann, T.; Maglio, P.; Nenonen, S.
2019Actor engagement in networks: defining the conceptual domainBrodie, R.J.; Fehrer, J.; Jaakkola, E.; Conduit, J.
2009Adaptation of online material for teaching financial economics coursesZamin Ali, S.; Derina, R.; Zurbrugg, R.
2007Adaptive management: making it happen through participatory systems analysisSmith, C.; Felderhof, L.; Bosch, O.
2003Adaptive versus exchange interactions by individuals in an industrial networkMedlin, C.; Ottesen, G.; Foss, L.; Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (2003 : Adelaide, S.A.)
2013Addressing the critical need for “new ways of thinking” in managing complex issues in a socially responsible wayBosch, O.; Nguyen, N.; Sun, D.
2013Addressing the critical need for “new ways of thinking” in managing complex issues in a socially responsible wayBosch, O.; Nguyen, N.; Sun, D.; Business Systems Laboratory International Symposium (1st : 2013 : Valencia, Spain)
2011Adopting innovation management software in university innovation commercializationTroshani, I.; Rampersad, G.; Plewa, C.
2004Adopting the internet in franchise systems: Australian franchisors' perceptionsRao Hill, S.; Frazer, L.; ANZMAC (29 Nov 2004 : Wellington, New Zealand)
2009Adoption of Personalisation Mobile Services: Evidence from Young AustraliansRao Hill, S.; Troshani, I.; Bled eConference (22nd : 2009 : Bled, Slovenia)
2012Adoption of pervasive e-health solutions: the need for an appropriate regulatory frameworkTroshani, I.; Goldberg, S.; Wickramasinghe, N.; 18th Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS 2012) (09 Aug 2012 - 11 Aug 2012 : Seattle, Washington)
2014Adoption of social media services: the case of local government organizations in AustraliaSharif, M.; Troshani, I.; Davidson, R.
2002Advance and be RecognisedParker, Lee David
1997Advanced technology and the development of new forms of work organizationDawson, Patrick M.