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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Back to the Drawing Board: Revisiting Grounded Theory and the Everyday Accountant's and Manager's RealityParker, Lee David; Roffey, B. H.
2001Back to the future: The broadening accounting trajectoryParker, Lee David
2012Bad debt provisions of financial institutions: dilemma of China's corporate governance regimeShan, Y.; Xu, L.
1997Balance in Analysing Open-Ended Questions: How to Yield Richer InformationDion, E.; Quester, P.
2014Balancing the act: the implications of jointly pursuing internal customer orientation and external customer orientationConduit, J.; Matanda, M.; Mavondo, F.
2007'Balancing' the 'accounts' : A 'deep' examination of factors influencing turnover among women accountantsLightbody, M.; Asia Pacific Interdisciplinary Research in Accounting Conference (5th : 2007 : Auckland, New Zealand)
2018Bank-wreckers, defaulters, and embezzlers: America's popular fear and fascination with the misappropriation of bank deposits during the gilded age and progressive eraMackay, T.
2010Banks and de facto directorshipsMarkovic, M.
1998Banks and Shadow Directorships: Not an "Almost Entirely Imaginary" Risk in AustraliaMarkovic, Martin
1999Banks: unexpected risks in business workoutsMarkovic, Martin
2008Barriers to the boundaryless career: A study of managers in career transitionClarke, M.; ANZAM Conference (22nd : 2008 : Auckland, New Zealand)
2014Basel risk weights, asset correlations and book-to-market equity: evidence from Asian countriesLee, S.; Lin, C.; Chen, J.; Chiu, B.
2013The beautiful, the cheerful, and the helpful: the effects of service employee attributes on customer satisfactionKeh, H.; Ren, R.; Rao Hill, S.; Li, X.
2004The before-/after-interest choice in the measure of segment earningsCanil, J.; Rosser, B.
2003Behavioural research in accountingHowieson, B.
2013Being better vs. being different: differentiation, competition, and pricing strategies in the Spanish hotel industryBecerra, M.; Santaló, J.; Silva, R.
2013Benchmark replication portfolio strategiesGlabadanidis, P.; Zolotoy, L.
2005Benefits of 'clustering' and niche strategies: how SMES in the Australian wine industry can develop a competitive advantage for international expansionFreeman, S.
2006The benefits of international diversificationLin, C.
2012The benefits of manufacturers brand to retailersGlynn, M.; Brodie, R.; Motion, J.