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2014Can advancements in economic and managerial practice be achieved without systems thinking education as the foundation?Bosch, O.; Nguyen, N.; Ha, T.
2007Can Chinese banks compete after accession to WTO?Xu, L.; Lin, C.
2011Can consumers be racist?: an investigation of the effect of consumer racism on product purchaseRao Hill, S.; Paphitis, K.
2016Can country of origin branding be a competitive advantage for agri-products from emerging countries?Karunaratna, A.; Crouch, R.
2013Can internal governance mechanisms prevent asset appropriation? Examination of type I tunneling in ChinaShan, Y.
2003Can large economies drive international real estate markets?Wilson, P.; Zurbrugg, R.
2015Can security analyst forecasts predict gold returns?Mihaylov, G.; Cheong, C.; Zurbruegg, R.
2010Can switching between risk measures lead to better portfolio optimization?Cain, B.; Zurbrugg, R.
2005Can we teach auditors and accountants to be more ethically competent and publicly accountable?Howieson, B.
1995Can you trust your system?Gerrard, M. J.; Zarrella, E.
2016The capability and competency requirements of auditors in today's complex global business environmentBarac, K.; Gammie, E.; Howieson, B.; van Staden, M.; The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS) and The Financial Reporting Council (FRC)
2009Capacity building for learning laboratory for sustainability: The case of Cat Ba Biosphere ReserveBosch, O.; Brooks, A.; Graham, D.; Maani, K.; Nguyen, N.; Ross, H.; Smith, C.; International Society for the Systems Sciences Conference (53rd : 2009 : Brisbane, Australia)
2012The capital gains tax implications of buy-sell agreementsVillios, S.; Carbone, D.; Tretola, J.; Callea, P.
2009Capital investment and network logicMedlin, C.; Moller, K.; IMP Conference (25th : 2009 : Marseille, France)
2008Capital structure choice in a nascent market: evidence from listed firms in ChinaBhabra, H.; Liu, T.; Tirtiroglu, D.
2006Capitalized intangibles and financial analystsMatolcsy, Z.; Wyatt, A.
2010Captive offshoring of new product development in Brazil: how does arbitrage influence local, collaborative relationships?Boehe, D.
2009The Carbon Pollution Reduction SchemeVillios, S.; Varzaly, J.
2012Carbonomics of Japan's agricultural output: causality and long-run sustainabilityRatnatunga, Janek; Murad, Wahid
2013Carbonomics of the Bangladesh agricultural output: Causality and long-run equilibriumMurad, Wahid; Ratnatunga, Janek