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2008Hard-core members’ of consumption-oriented subcultures enactment of identity: the sacred consumption of two subculturesChalmers, T.; Arthur, D.; ACRO07 Memphis (25 Oct 2007 : Memphis, USA)
2011Harmonisation of Statistical and External Financial Whole of Government Reporting: The Australian Approach and Issues EncounteredSchuhrer, S.; International Symposium on Public Sector Management (22 Jun 2009 : Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria)
2010Having a great vacation and blaming the wines: an attribution theory perspective on consumer attachments to regional brandsStockl, A.; Brouard, J.; Cavicchi, A.; Faraoni, M.; Larreina, M.; Lecat, B.; Olson, J.; Rodriguez-Santos, C.; Santini, C.; Crouch, R.; Wilson, D.; Orth, U.; Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference (2010 : Portland, Oregon)
2016Healthy by design, but only when in focus: communicating non-verbal health cues through symbolic meaning in packagingKarnal, N.; Machiels, C.; Orth, U.; Mai, R.
2017Hedonic and eudaimonic well-being outcomes from co-creation roles: a study of vulnerable customersSharma, S.; Conduit, J.; Rao Hill, S.
2011Hedonic estimation of housing demand elasticity with a markup over marginal costsChen, Yong; Clapp, John M.; Tirtiroglu, Dogan
2005Herding Within Socially Responsible InvestmentsVoortman, Luke Richard; Annual Meeting of the ABBSA. Conference (1st: 2005 : Cairns, Australia)
2004Heterogeneity in adoption – A critical review of theoryKweh, J.; Habel, C.; Rungie, C.; Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (2004 : Victoria University of Wellington)
2007Heterogeneous and Asymmetrical Relationships in Global Networks: The Hedge Fund IndustryTyler, K.; Medlin, C.; IMP 2007 Conference (23rd : 2007 : Manchester, UK)
1998Hierarchical log linear analysis: An application to sponsorshipQuester, P.; Rungie, C.
2011Hierarchical Network Governance: An Examination of Keiretsu NetworksIto, T.; Medlin, C.
2006High tech but not born global? Start-ups in the biotechnology industryHewerdine, Lisa Jane; Welch, Catherine Lynelle; Annual Meeting of the Academy of International Business (48th : 2006 : Beijing, China)
2004High Technology Alliances in Uncertain Times: The Case of BluetoothRice, J.; Juniper, J.
2013High-speed broadband: assessing its social impactRampersad, G.; Troshani, I.
2006Hip hop consumption and masculinityArthur, D.; Association for Consumer Research Conference on Gender, Marketing and Consumer Behaviour (8th : 2006 : Edinburgh, Scotland)
2000The Historian's epilogueParker, Lee David
1999Historiography for the new millennium: adventures in accounting and managementParker, Lee David
1995The history of forecastingMetcalfe, Mike A.; Horrocks, J.
1995A History of the South Australian Amateur Football LeagueBloch, F.
2008Holistic package design and consumer brand impressionsOrth, U.; Malkewitz, K.