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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Keeping it in the familyParker, Lee David
2010Keeping the faith! An agenda to investigate the decline in spiritually based communitiesGranger, K.; Habel, C.; Crouch, R.; ANZMAC (2010 : Christchurch : New Zealand)
2014Keeping the faith! Drivers of participation in spiritually-based communitiesGranger, K.; Lu, V.; Conduit, J.; Crouch, R.; Habel, C.
2010Key drivers of University-industry relationships and the impact of organisational culture differencesPlewa, C.
2007Key drivers of university-industry relationships: the role of organisational compatibility and personal experiencePlewa, C.; Quester, P.
2003The key factors influencing the export marketing performance of Thai export firmsJulian, Craig C.
2005Key issues in understanding the internationalization process of the small firm: An Australian perspectiveFreeman, S.
1996The key performance indicators: integrity and competence.Henderson, Scott
2007Key success factors for research institutions in research commercialization and industry linkages: outcomes of a German/Australian cooperative projectBaaken, T.; Plewa, C.
2010Key to trading profits - matching the probability distribution of a contact with an appropriate mechanical trading strategyTan, H.
2004Knowledge activism by CPAs in public sector organisationsTaylor, Dennis William
2012Knowledge and network development for service firm entry into emerging Asian marketsFreeman, S.; Daniel, L.; Murad, W.
2007Knowledge and perception gaps between private equity and small-to-medium-sized family-owned enterprises (SMFES) - an exploratory studySeet, P.; Graves, C.; Schnackenberg, A.; Gustafson, P.; Hadji, M.; Tan, W.; IEF International Conference (7th : 2007 : Shanghai, China)
2005The knowledge economy - 2020 and beyond: Future innovations, implications and challenges for Australian tourismAnwar, Sajid; Hamilton, John; Australasian Business and Behavioural Sciences Association Conference (1st : 2005 : Cairns, Qld.); ABBSA 2005
2003Knowledge in Organisations: a sensemaking viewCecez-Kecmanovic, D.; Jerram, C.; Treleaven, L.; Sykes, C.; Organizational Knowledge, Learning, and Capabilities. Conference (Barcelona, Spain)
2016Knowledge inflows from market- and science-based actors, absorptive capacity, innovation and performance: a study of SMEsCorral de Zubielqui, G.; Jones, J.; Lester, L.
2007Knowledge, attitude and behaviour of the urban poor concerning solid waste management: a case studyMurad, Wahid; Siwar, Chamhuri
2008Knowledge-based alliances as a driver of mobile telecommunications convergence: an historical and technical overviewRice, J.; Martin, N.
2005L'acculturation influence-t-elle la consommation? Le cas des consommateurs sino-australiensQuester, P.; Faire Du Marketing En Chine (23 Jun 2005 : Paris)
2003L'internet et les liens relationnels entre entreprises: perspective derivee du secteur du service AustralienRao Hill, S.; Quester, P.; Journee nantaise de recherche sur le e-marketing (2nd : 2003 : Nantes, France)