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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007M&A as illusionSmith, C.
2005Macroeconomic announcements, volatility, and interrelationships: An examination of the UK interest rate and equity marketsJones, B.; Lin, C.; Masih, A.
2006Macroeconomic consequences of increased efficiency in less developed economiesZamin Ali, Syed Akbar; Anwar, Sajid; International Conference on Contemporary Business (3rd : 2006 : Leura, N.S.W.)
2007Macroeconomic news surprises, business cycles, and interest rate swap spreadsFang, V.; Lin, C.; Roadcap, L.; MODSIM07
2008Macroeconomic news, business cycles, and Australian financial marketsFang, V.; Lin, C.; Parbhoo, K.
2001Madley Child Care Centre: Financial challenges in a community organisationLightbody, Margaret Gaye
2006Making Singapore University graduates more entrepreneurial: Has entrepreneurship education helped?Seet, P.; Seet, L.; International Council for Small Business World Conference (51st : 2006 : Melbourne, Victoria)
1995Management Accounting: An Australian PerspectiveThorne, H.; Lanfield-Smith, K.; Hilton, R.
2003Management and leadership challenges: a family business perspectiveThomas, J.; Surfing the WavesANZAM (02 Dec 2003 : Fremantle, Western Australia)
2012Management challenges within multiple project environments: lessons for developing countriesHashim, N.; Chileshe, N.; Baroudi, B.
2007Management of multi-sectoral innovation networksRampersad, G.; Quester, P.; Troshani, I.; International CINet Conference (8th : 2007 : Gothenburg, Sweden)
2009Management of networks involving Technology Transfer from public to private sector: a conceptual frameworkRampersad, G.; Quester, P.; Troshani, I.
2007The management of social innovationDawson, P.; Daniel, L.; ANZAM Conference (21st : 2007 : Sydney, Australia)
2000Management reports: an integrated approachLightbody, Margaret Gaye
2009Managerial business qualifications, organizational performance and managerial behavior - evidence from AustraliaRice, J.; Martin, N.; Rathnappulige, S.
1999Managerial Career Orientations: The Case of Expatriate Executives in JapanO'Brien, Peter William; Wallace, A.
1995The managerial politics of organisational changeDawson, Patrick M.; Allan, Cameron
2019Managerial risk incentives and a firm's financing policyKarpavicius, S.; Yu, F.
1998Managerialism and Marketisation in Financial Management Change in AustraliaParker, Lee David; Guthrie, James
2008Managing an international business school: A case studyRammal, Hussain Gulzar; Burgan, Barry John