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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Occupational health and safety management in organizations: a reviewZanko, M.; Dawson, P.
2011An Ohlson valuation framework for valuing corporate governance: The case of TaiwanLee, S.; Lin, C.; Chang, P.
2010An 'old' career for a new age: redefining and rehabilitating the organizational careerClarke, M.; EURAM (10th : 2010 : Rome, Italy)
1998The older worker in AsiaLi, Laubie
1998Older Workers in International BusinessO'Brien, Peter William
2002On being a financial manager in a church organisation: understanding the experienceLightbody, Margaret Gaye; Critical Perspectives on Accounting Conference (2002 : City University of New York, USA)
2007On the safety and soundness of Chinese banks in the post-WTO eraXu, L.; Lin, C.
2013One way forward to beat the Newtonian habit with a complexity perspective on organisational changeWells, R.; McLean, J.
2017Online consumers' responses to deal popularity as an extrinsic cueKao, C.; Rao Hill, S.; Troshani, I.
2006Online discussion groups as social networks: An empirical investigation of word-of-mouth on the internetSteyer, A.; Garcia-Bardidia, R.; Quester, P.
2003Online marketing: displaced dichotomiesRobins, F.
2001Online Security and PrivacyRobins, Fred; International Conference on Global Business & Economic Development (6th : 2001 : Bratislava, Slovakia)
2000Online to go global? South Australian SME wineries: exporting and the internetGoodman, S.
2012Openness in product and process innovationHuang, F.; Rice, J.
2000Opportunistic behaviour by international channel intermediariesJohnson, L.; Karunaratna, A.
2001Optimal hedge ratios and alternative hedging strategies in the presence of cointegrated time-varying risksSim, A.; Zurbrugg, R.
1999The Orbicular Model - Cognitive Learning in CyberspaceGilliver, Robert S.; Randall, B. J.; Yang, Ming Pok
2011Organisational adoption of e-business: The case of an innovation management tool at a university and technology transfer officeTroshani, I.; Rampersad, G.; Plewa, C.
2014Organisational capabilities for customer participation in health care service innovationSharma, S.; Conduit, J.; Rao Hill, S.
2006Organisational culture differences and market orientation: an exploratory study of barriers to university-industry relationshipsPlewa, C.; Quester, P.; Baaken, T.