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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Qualifying Purchase Intentions Using Queueing TheoryTirtiroglu, E.; Elbeck, M.
2004Qualitative ResearchParker, Lee David
2003Qualitative research in accounting and management: the emerging agendaParker, Lee David
2004Quality assurance role of seller financing: Evidence from second mortgagesTirtiroglu, D.; Laband, D.
1995Quality Management: The Theory and Practice of Implementing ChangeDawson, Patrick M.; Palmer, Gill
2009Quand félicité rime avec efficacité: étude de l'influence de la valence émotionnelle sur la mémorisation des sponsorsBal, C.; Quester, P.; Plewa, C.; Steyer, A.; AFM Conference (2009 : London, United Kingdom)
2005Quantifying the Double Jeopardy RelationshipHabel, C.; Rungie, C.; INFORMS Marketing Science Conference (2005 : Emory University)
1999A Quarter of a Century of Performance Auditing in the Australian Federal Public Sector: A Malleable MasqueParker, Lee David; Guthrie, James
2013Quis auditoret ipsos auditores? Can auditors be trusted?Howieson, B.
2015R&D intensity, cross-border strategic alliances, and valuation effectsOwen, S.; Yawson, A.
2012RAFI replication: easier done than said?Glabadanidis, P.; Obaydin, I.; Zurbrugg, R.
2011Rage, rage against the dying of the light: Lyndall Urwick's scientific managementParker, L.; Ritson, P.
2006A rational expectation analysis on the empirical regularities of expected stock returnsHo, C.; Lin, C.; Australasian Business and Behavioural Sciences Association (ABBSA) (29 Sep 2006 : Adelaide, Australia)
2005Rational legal decision-making, value judgment and efficient precaution in tort lawZheng, Mingli; Anwar, Sajid
2009Rationality, institutionalism and accounting change: understanding a performance management system within an Australian public sector entityJames, Wendy
2010The RBV and value creation: a managerial perspectiveZubac, Angelina; Hubbard, Graham Lindsay; Johnson, Lester W.
2002Re-engineering recruitment to the accounting professionSmith, M.; Graves, C.
2011Reacting to the demands of service work: emotional resistance in the Coaching Inn CompanySandiford, P.; Seymour, D.
2001Reactive planning in a Christian bureaucracyParker, Lee David
2007Real estate 'value' stocks and international diversificationEllis, C.; Wilson, P.; Zurbrugg, R.