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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Salaries with optional extras. [Why the boss cares about what the market thinks]Canil, J.
2009Samboy, Facebook and the Bushfires: Extreme conditions and the Persistence of Marketing TheoryHabel, C.; The Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy (2009 : Melbourne, Australia)
2007Sampling distribution of the sample meanLarkin, James Richard
2009The sanction and integration of innovation: Revealing the social foundations of collaborationDaniel, L.; ISPIM (20th : 2009 : Vienna, Austria)
2006Satisfaction with university-industry relationships: the impact of commitment, trust and championshipPlewa, C.; Quester, P.
1997Scaling numerical variables and information loss: an appraisal of Morrison's workQuester, P.; Dion, E.
2005Science marketing: Best practice, research agenda and a conceptual frameworkBaaken, T.; Plewa, C.; Quester, P.; Biennial World Marketing Congress (06 Jul 2005 : Muenster, Germany)
1996SCOSAQuester, P.; Hermant, J.
2001Segmentation by involvement or nationality for global retailing: A cross-national comparative study of wine shopping behavioursLockshin, L.; Quester, P.; Spawton, T.
2007Segmentation for dyadic analyses of international business relationshipsAurifeille, J.; Medlin, C.
2006Self and collective interest in business relationshipsMedlin, C.
2014Self- and collective-interests: using formal network activities for developing firms' businessMunksgaard, K.; Medlin, C.
2014Self-attribution bias in consumer financial decision-making: how investment returns affect individuals’ belief in skillHoffmann, A.; Post, T.
2014Self-congruence theory: towards a greater understanding of the global and malleable selves in a sports specific consumption contextPlewa, C.; Palmer, K.
2000Self-congruity and product evaluation: a cross-cultural studyQuester, P.; Karunaratna, A.; Goh, L.
2015Selling losers and keeping winners: how (savings) goal dynamics predict a reversal of the disposition effectAspara, J.; Hoffmann, A.
2007'Sense or Sensibility?' A review of recent Australasian research investing the drivers behind consumer perceptions of wine qualityVeale, Roberta Carolyn; International Conference of Association Francaise du Marketing (27th : 2007 : Aix-les-Bains, France)
2002A Sense-Making Model of Knowledge Management in OrganisationsCecez-Kecmanovic, D.; Jerram, C.; European Conference on Information Systems (10th : 2002 : Gdansk, Poland)
2003A sensemaking view of knowledge in organisations: The insiders’ taleCecez-Kecmanovic, D.; Jerram, C.; Treleaven, L.
2008Sensing or knowing? Investigating the influence of knowledge and self-confidence on consumer beliefs regarding the effect of extrinsic cues on wine qualityCrouch, R.