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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Determinants of social media impact in local governmentMohd Sharif, M.; Troshani, I.; Davidson, R.
2002Development of an Industry Specific Web Site Evaluation Framework for The Australian Wine IndustryDavidson, R.; CollECTeR Australia (7th : 2002 : Melbourne, Vic, Australia)
2002Information System Security and Risk Management for Small and Medium Sized EnterprisesDavidson, R.; Lambert, S.; SEAANZ Conference (15th : 2002 : Adelaide, Australia)
2006NGO activism via websitesTilt, C.; Tilling, M.; Davidson, R.; Conference on Social and Environmental Accounting Research (5th : 2006 : Wellington, New Zealand)
2008NGO communication and activism via electronic media: Australian evidenceTilt, C.; Davidson, R.; Tilling, M.
2003A Business-to-Consumer Web Site Design and Evaluation Framework for Australian WineriesDavidson, R.; PACIS 2003 Doctorial Consortium (7th : 2003 : Adelaide, Australia)
2004A Study of Australian Winery WebsitesDavidson, R.; CollECTeR Workshop on e-commerce (12th : 2004 : Adelaide, Australia)
2005Measuring electronic service quality gaps in the Australian wine industryDavidson, R.; CollECTeR Europe (2005 : Furtwangen, Germany)
2007Five Year Longitudinal Study of Australian Winery WebsitesDavidson, R.; Asia Pacific Management Conference (13th : 2007 : Melbourne, Victoria)
2005An Australian Winery B2C Website Design Framework and Contributing Factors to the e-SQ GapsDavidson, R.; Lambert, S.; CollECTeR conference (2005 : Sydney, Australia)