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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Beyond Better Wine: The Impact of Experiential and Monetary Value on Wine Tourists’ Loyalty IntentionsChen, X.; Goodman, S.; Bruwer, J.; Cohen, J.
2015Store choice: how understanding consumer choice of 'where' to shop may assist the small retailerGoodman, S.; Remaud, H.
2016Social media engagement behaviour: a uses and gratifications perspectiveDolan, R.; Conduit, J.; Fahy, J.; Goodman, S.
2004What gives salespeople their competitive edge?Hemphill, E.; Dubelaar, C.; Geursen, G.; Goodman, S.; Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (2004 : Wellington, N.Z.)
2005Interaction between the salesperson and customer: A framework for improving the sales outcomeHemphill, E.; Dubelaar, C.; Goodman, S.; Geursen, G.; American Marketing Association Winter Educators Conference (2005 : San Antonio, USA)
2009The doctor-patient relationship: Participation, compliance and satisfactionJohnson, D.; Plewa, C.; Goodman, S.; ANZMAC Conference (2009 : Melbourne, Australia)
2012Principles of wine marketingGoodman, S.
2003Time as a factor in the firm adopting and realising benefits from internet marketingGoodman, S.; Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (2003 : Adelaide, S.A.)
2004Increasing marketing's contribution through value creationGoodman, S.; Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (2004 : Victoria University of Wellington)
2011Wine product bundling: for a new segment of wine consumersMatthews, C.; Goodman, S.; Habel, C.; Somogyi, S.; International Conference of the Academy of Wine Business Research (09-JUN-11 : Bordeaux, France)