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2013University-industry linkage evolution: an empirical investigation of relational success factorsPlewa, C.; Korff, N.; Baaken, T.; Macpherson, G.
2016Professional Service Providers Resource Integration Styles (PRO-RIS): facilitating customer experiencesNg, S.; Plewa, C.; Sweeney, J.
2005The Effect of a university’s market orientation on the industry partners’ relationship perception and satisfactionQuester, P.; Plewa, C.; International Conference/Workshop on Buiness, Technology and Competitive Intelligence (1st : 2005 : Tokyo, Japan)
2016Examining strategic orientation complementarity using multiple regression analysis and fuzzy set QCAHo, J.; Plewa, C.; Lu, V.
2016Which sport sponsorships most impact sponsor CSR image?Plewa, C.; Carrillat, F.; Mazodier, M.; Quester, P.
2016Reputation in higher education: a fuzzy set analysis of resource configurationsPlewa, C.; Ho, J.; Conduit, J.; Karpen, I.
2016Managing governmental business relationships: the impact of organisational culture difference and compatibilityLu, V.; Plewa, C.; Ho, J.
2014Career adaptation: the relation of adaptability to goal orientation, proactive personality, and career optimismTolentino, L.; Garcia, P.; Lu, V.; Restubog, S.; Bordia, P.; Plewa, C.
2009Exploring organizational culture difference in relationship dyadsPlewa, C.
2009Club membership satisfaction and commitment: Does rebranding matter?Plewa, C.; Lu, V.; Crouch, R.; ANZMAC Conference (2009 : Melbourne, Australia)