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2008What does the concept of 'Networking' mean in an American Chamber of Commerce in 2007? Preliminary findings of an empirical studyRoy, S.; Medlin, C.; Roy, J.; Duggan, L.; Global Marketing Conference (2008 : Shanghai, China)
2008Service export performance: The role of organizational and market driversLu, V.; Quester, P.; Medlin, C.; Academy of International Business Annual Meeting (50th : 2008 : Milan, Italy)
2008Business interaction: The double perspective, benevolence and joined firm activityMedlin, C.; IMP Conference (24th : 2008 : Uppsala, Sweden)
2012Peter Drucker's ontology: understanding business relationships and networksMedlin, C.
2009A study of trust, commitment and satisfaction across research-industry relationshipsMedlin, C.; Plewa, C.
2008Shifting theoretical lens: Examining the mediating role of product within relationship marketing and network theoriesMedlin, C.; Plewa, C.; Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (2008 : Sydney, N.S.W)
2011Hierarchical Network Governance: An Examination of Keiretsu NetworksIto, T.; Medlin, C.
2014Value appropriation in business exchange: literature review and future research opportunitiesEllegaard, C.; Medlin, C.; Geersbro, J.
2011Inter-Firm Governance and Relationship Performance: A Study of Market, Hierarchy and Relational Coordination MechanismsAurifeille, J.; Medlin, C.
2008Marketing relationships in financial services business markets: the global hedge fund industryTyler, K.; Medlin, C.