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2016Using System Archetypes to Identify Drivers and Barriers for Sustainable Agriculture in Africa: A Case Study in GhanaBanson, K.; Nguyen, N.; Bosch, O.
2015Defining the real needs of women smallholder farmers in Vietnam: the importance of grassroots participation and multi-stakeholder collaborationHa, T.; Bosch, O.; Nguyen, N.
2015A systemic intervention to access resource impact on the quality of life among women farmers in developing countries: evidence from GhanaBanson, K.; Nguyen, N.; Bosch, O.
2016A Systemic Approach to Understand Smartphone Usage in SingaporeNguyen, N.; Bosch, O.; Ong, F.; Seah, J.; Succu, A.; Nguyen, T.; Banson, K.
2014Creating a new business through applying the systems-based evolutionary learning laboratory approachKiura, T.; Bosch, O.; Nguyen, N.; Shirasaka, S.; Maeno, T.
2016Systemic management to address the challenges facing the performance of agriculture in Africa: case study in GhanaBanson, K.; Nguyen, N.; Bosch, O.
2011Risk management strategies and decision support systems in agriculture: a study of risk management in rainfed farming systems in QueenslandNguyen, N.; Wegener, M.; Russell, I.
2016A systemic approach to understand the conservation status and viability of the critically endangered Cat Ba LangurPhan, T.; Nguyen, N.; Bosch, O.; Nguyen, T.; Le, T.; Tran, H.
2014Using the Evolutionary Learning Laboratory Approach to Establish a World First Model for Integrated Governance of Haiphong, VietnamNguyen, T.; Bosch, O.; Nguyen, N.
2011Systems thinking, rural development and food security: key leverage points for Australia's regional development and population policyKeegan, M.; Nguyen, N.