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2006Decision support systems in Australian agriculture: state of the art and future developmentNguyen, N.; Wegener, M.; Russell, I.; Conference of the International Association of Agricultural Economists ( 26th : 2006 : Gold Coast, Queensland)
2006Risk management tools for dryland farmers in southwest Queensland: an action research approachNguyen, N.; Wegener, M.; Russell, I.; Australasia Pacific Extension Network International Conference (2006 : Beechworth, Victoria)
2016Practical contributions of the systems-based evolutionary learning laboratory to knowledge and stakeholder managementHa, T.; Bosch, O.; Nguyen, N.
2011The Cat Ba Biosphere Reserve as a 'learning laboratory' for sustainable developmentNguyen, N.; Bosch, O.; Maani, K.; IUAES/AAS/ASAANZ Conference (2011 : Perth, Western Australia)
2012Welcome to the 2013 World Conference of the ISSS in Hai Phong City, VietnamNguyen, N.; Bosch, O.; International Society for the Systems Sciences Conference (56th : 2012 : San Jose, CA)
2011Learning Laboratories – a new approach for cross sectoral and organizational collaboration and communication to deal with increasing complexity and promote effective changeBosch, O.; Mai, T.; Nguyen, N.; Smith, C.; International Congress of Economics and Management (5th : 2011 : Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2005Risk management tools for dryland farmers in southwest QueenslandNguyen, N.; Environmental and Resource Economics Early-Career Researcher Workshop (Bathurst, N.S.W.)
2012Curating the conditions for a thrivable planet: systemic leverage points for emerging a global eco-civilizationLaszlo, A.; Blachfellner, S.; Bosch, O.; Nguyen, N.; Bulc, V.; Edson, M.; Wilby, J.; Por, G.; International Federation for Systems Research Conversations (16th : 2012 : Linz, Austria)
2013Addressing the critical need for “new ways of thinking” in managing complex issues in a socially responsible wayBosch, O.; Nguyen, N.; Sun, D.; Business Systems Laboratory International Symposium (1st : 2013 : Valencia, Spain)
2005Risk management strategies by Australian farmersNguyen, N.; Wegener, M.; Russell, I.; Cameron, D.; Coventry, D.; Cooper, I.; International Farm Management Conference (15th : 2005 : Campinas, Brazil)