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2015What's in a name? Examining the effect of phonetic fit between spokesperson name and product attributes on source credibilityBaxter, S.; Ilicic, J.; Kulczynski, A.
2015Communicating product size using sound and shape symbolismBaxter, S.; Ilicic, J.; Kulczynski, A.; Lowrey, T.
2015International opportunity identification in the internationalisation of the firmMuzychenko, O.; Liesch, P.
2017A possible journey from inside out?: Drawing complex living systems awareness from traditional Chinese knowledge in pursuit of sustainability for ChinaOuyang, L.; Wells, S.
2017Consumers' brand identity complexity: conceptualization and predictive abilityOrth, U.; Rose, G.
2016Market risk disclosures and investment efficiency: international evidence from the Gulf Cooperation Council Financial FirmsAl-Hadi, A.; Hasan, M.; Taylor, G.; Hossain, M.; Richardson, G.
2017Altruistic investment decision behavior in early-stage venturesKlyver, K.; Lindsay, N.; Kassicieh, S.; Hancock, G.
2017Developing service climate in local vs. foreign firms in smaller Asian emerging markets: a resource-based and social exchange perspectiveHoang, H.; Rao Hill, S.; Freeman, S.; Lu, V.; Imrie, B.
2015Image, brand relationships and customer valueSajtos, L.; Kreis, H.; Brodie, R.
2016The capability and competency requirements of auditors in today's complex global business environmentBarac, K.; Gammie, E.; Howieson, B.; van Staden, M.; The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS) and The Financial Reporting Council (FRC)