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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006International research customer satisfaction surveys (Germany and Australia) and research provider surveys (Germany and Europe)von Hagen, F.; Baaken, T.; Holscher, V.; Plewa, C.
2007Key drivers of university-industry relationships: the role of organisational compatibility and personal experiencePlewa, C.; Quester, P.
2005Relationship marketing and university-industry linkages: A conceptual frameworkPlewa, C.; Quester, P.; Baaken, T.
2009Exploring organizational culture difference in relationship dyadsPlewa, C.
2006Organisational culture differences and market orientation: an exploratory study of barriers to university-industry relationshipsPlewa, C.; Quester, P.; Baaken, T.
2007Exploring organisational culture difference and relationship performance: Perspectives from service industriesPlewa, C.; Rao Hill, S.; Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (03 Dec 2007 : Dunedin, NZ)
2007Dimensions of diversity: Group work within marketing coursesPlewa, C.; Sherman, C.; Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (03 Dec 2007 : Dunedin, NZ)
2006Case development: An innovative approach to case studies and experiences from a graduate marketing ethics coursePlewa, C.; Quester, P.
2005The Effect of a university’s market orientation on the industry partners’ relationship perception and satisfactionQuester, P.; Plewa, C.; International Conference/Workshop on Buiness, Technology and Competitive Intelligence (1st : 2005 : Tokyo, Japan)
2006How to create market value from innovation: A conceptual framework and the influence of consultanciesPlewa, C.; Horner, N.; Francis, A.; International CINet Conference (08 Sep 2006 : Lucca, Italy)