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2001Genetic programming with efficient population control for financial time series predictionWagner, N.; Michalewicz, Z.; Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (3rd : 2001 : San Francisco, California)
1996Geographic Field Data Collection: Using machine learning techniques to verify minimum data requirements for the classification taskKirkby, Stephen Denis; Eklund, P. W.
2016Geometrically consistent plane extraction for dense indoor 3D maps segmentationPham, T.; Eich, M.; Reid, I.; Wyeth, G.; IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2016) (09 Oct 2016 - 14 Oct 2016 : Daejeon, SOUTH KOREA)
2017GLFR: a generalized LFR benchmark for testing community detection algorithmsLe, B.; Nguyen, H.; Shen, H.; Falkner, N.; International Conference on Computer Communication and Networks (ICCCN) (31 Jul 2017 - 03 Aug 2017 : Vancouver)
2011A global optimization approach to robust multi-model fittingYu, J.; Chin, T.; Suter, D.; IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (24th : 2011 : Colorado Springs, CO, U.S.A.)
2009Global optimization in supply chain operationsIbrahimov, M.; Mohais, A.; Michalewicz, Z.
2014Global software engineering: Identifying challenges is important and providing solutions is even betterBabar, M.; Lescher, C.
2009Global stereo reconstruction under second order smoothness priorsWoodford, O.; Torr, P.; Reid, I.; Fitzgibbon, A.
2017Globally optimal breast mass segmentation from DCE-MRI using deep semantic segmentation as shape priorMaicas, G.; Carneiro, G.; Bradley, A.; IEEE 14th International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI 2017) (18 Apr 2017 - 21 Apr 2017 : Melbourne, AUSTRALIA)
2010Globally optimal multi-target tracking on a hexagonal latticeMilan, A.; Schindler, K.; 11th European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV 2010) (05 Sep 2010 - 11 Sep 2010 : Heraklion, Greece)
2013Go straight, turn right: pose graph reduction through trajectory Segmentation using line segmentsLatif, Y.; Neira, J.; 2013 European Conference on Mobile Robots (ECMR 2013) (25 Sep 2013 - 27 Sep 2013 : Barcelona, Spain)
2018Goal-oriented visual question generation via intermediate rewardsZhang, J.; Wu, Q.; Shen, C.; Zhang, J.; Lu, J.; van den Hengel, A.; 15th European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV 2018) (08 Sep 2018 - 14 Sep 2018 : Munich)
2010A gradient-based metric learning algorithm for k-NN classifiersZaidi, N.; Squire, D.; Suter, D.; Australasian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (23rd : 2010 : Adelaide, Sth. Aust.)
2007Graph Based Discriminative Learning for Robust and Efficient Object TrackingZhang, X.; Hu, W.; Maybank, S.; Li, X.; IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (11th : 2007 : Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
2011Graph mode-based contextual kernels for robust SVM trackingLi, X.; Dick, A.; Wang, H.; Shen, C.; Van Den Hengel, A.; International Conference on Computer Vision (13th : 2011 : Barcelona, Spain)
2011Graph-based methods for the automatic annotation and retrieval of art printsCarneiro, G.; ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (1st : 2011 : Trento, Italy)
2017A graph-embedding approach to hierarchical visual word mergenceWang, L.; Liu, L.; Zhou, L.
2017Graph-structured representations for visual question answeringTeney, D.; Liu, L.; van den Hengel, A.; 30th IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2017) (21 Jul 2017 - 26 Jul 2017 : Honolulu, HI)
2016Green-aware online resource allocation for geo-distributed cloud data centers on multi-source energyHe, H.; Shen, H.; 17th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing, Applications and Technologies (PDCAT 2016) (16 Dec 2016 - 18 Dec 2016 : Guangzhou, China)
2018A grid-based reliable multi-hop routing protocol for energy-efficient wireless sensor networksChen, Z.; Shen, H.