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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201610 years of software architecture knowledge management: practice and futureCapilla, R.; Jansen, A.; Tang, A.; Avgeriou, P.; Babar, M.
20152-Space bounded online cube and hypercube packingZhao, X.; Shen, H.
20042D articulated tracking with dynamic Bayesian networksShen, C.; Van Den Hengel, A.; Dick, A.; Brooks, M.; International Conference on Computer and Information Technology (4th : 2004 : Wuhan, China)
20153-D Modeling from Concept Sketches of Human Characters with Minimal User InteractionJohnston, A.; Carneiro, G.; Ding, R.; Velho, L.; 2015 International Conference on Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications (DICTA 2015) (23 Nov 2015 - 25 Nov 2015 : Adelaide, AUSTRALIA)
20113D hand tracking for human computer interactionPrisacariu, V.; Reid, I.
20063D object pose inference via kernel principal component analysis with image euclidian distance (IMED).Tangkuampien, T.; Suter, D.; British Machine Vision Conference (17th : 2006 : Edinburgh)
20133D R transform on spatio-temporal interest points for action recognitionYuan, Chunfeng; Li, Xi; Hu, Weiming; Ling, Haibin; Maybank, Steve; IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (26th : 2013 : Portland, Oregon); CVPR 2013
20093D terrestrial LIDAR classifications with super-voxels and multi-scale Conditional Random FieldsLim, E.; Suter, D.
20143D tracking of multiple objects with identical appearance using RGB-D inputRen, C.Y.; Prisacariu, V.A.; Kähler, O.; Reid, I.D.; Murray, D.W.; International Conference on 3D Vision (3DV) (08 Dec 2014 - 11 Dec 2014 : Tokyo, Japan)
20116-DOF multi-session visual SLAM using anchor nodesMcDonald, J.; Kaess, M.; Cadena Lerma, C.; Neira, J.; Leonard, J.; European Conference on Mobile Robots (ECMR) (07 Sep 2011 - 09 Sep 2011 : Orebro, Sweden)
20199.6 million links in source code comments: purpose, evolution, and decayHata, H.; Treude, C.; Kula, R.; Ishio, T.; IEEE/ACM International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) (25 May 2019 - 31 May 2019 : Montreal, Canada)
2011A2U2: A stream cipher for printed electronics RFID tagsDavid, M.; Ranasinghe, D.; Larsen, T.; IEEE International Conference on RFID (5th : 2011 : Orlando, FL)
2014AB-chord: an improved chord based on ant colony optimizationand bi-directional lookup routingZhao, L.; Shen, H.; Li, Y.; Wu, J.; Sixth International Symposium on Parallel Architectures, Algorithms and Programming (PAAP) (13 Jul 2014 - 15 Jul 2014 : Beijing, China)
1996Abstract Data Types and the Digital System Description and Simulation EnvironmentsWilsey, Peter A.; Mause, Norman E.; Ashenden, Peter J.
2014The academic journey of university students on Facebook: an analysis of informal academic-related activity over a semesterVivian, R.; Barnes, A.; Geer, R.; Wood, D.
2010Accelerated hypothesis generation for multi-structure robust fittingChin, T.; Yu, J.; Suter, D.; European Conference on Computer Vision (2010 : Crete, Greece)
2012Accelerated hypothesis generation for multistructure data via preference analysisChin, T.; Yu, J.; Suter, D.
2013Accelerating the divisive information-theoretic clustering of visual wordsZhang, J.; Wang, L.; Liu, L.; Zhou, L.; Li, W.; International Conference on Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications (2013 : Hobart, Tasmania)
2015An accuracy-assured privacy-preserving recommender system for internet commerceLu, Z.; Shen, H.
2012Achieving high availability of web services based on a particle filtering approachYao, L.; Sheng, Q.; Maamar, Z.