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2004Garbage collection for storage-oriented clustersBrodie-Tyrrell, W.; Detmold, H.; Falkner, K.; Munro, D.; Australasian Computer Science Conference (27th : 2004 : Dunedin, New Zealand)
2004Garbage collection in single-site and distributed systems via hybridisation of the Beltway and Train AlgorithmsLowry, Matthew C.; WOSSA '2004 (11 January 2004 : Victor Harbor, South Australia)
2019Gathering cyber threat intelligence from Twitter using novelty classificationLe, B.D.; Wang, G.; Nasim, M.; Babar, M.A.; International Conference on Cyberworlds (CW) (02 Oct 2019 - 04 Oct 2019 : Kyoto, Japan)
2011Gaze directed camera control for face image acquisitionSommerlade, E.; Benfold, B.; Reid, I.; 2011 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) (09 May 2011 - 13 May 2011 : Shanghai, China)
2001Gekko: A Metalevel for adaptation in NexusWebb, D.; Wendelborn, A.; IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid (1st : 2001 : Brisbane, Australia)
2013A general two-step approach to learning-based hashingLin, G.; Shen, C.; Suter, D.; Van Den Hengel, A.; IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (14th : 2013 : Sydney, Australia)
2004A generalisation of the Delogne-Kasa method for fitting hyperspheresZelniker, Emanuel Emil; Clarkson, Vaughan L.; Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems & Computers (38th : 2004 : Pacific Grove, California)
2007Generalised Principal Component Analysis: exploiting inherent parameter constraintsChojnacki, W.; van den Hengel, A.; Brooks, M.; 1st International Conferences on Computer Vision Theory and Applications (VISAPP 2006) and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications (GRAPP 2006) (25 Feb 2006 - 28 Feb 2006 : Setubal, Portugal)
2019Generalised zero-shot learning with a classifier ensemble over multi-modal embedding spacesFelix, R.; Harwood, B.; Sasdelli, M.; Carneiro, G.
2019Generalised zero-shot learning with domain classification in a joint semantic and visual spaceFelix Alves, R.; Harwood, B.; Sasdelli, M.; Carneiro, G.; International Conference on Digital Image Computing: Technqiues and Applications (DICTA) (02 Dec 2019 - 04 Dec 2019 : Perth, Australia)
2009The generalization of some trellis properties of linear codes to group codesKan, H.; Li, X.; Shen, H.
2002A generalization of the Widder-Arendt theoremChojnacki, W.
2012Generalized exemplar-based full pose estimation from 2D images without correspondencesTeney, D.; Piater, J.; International Conference on Digital Image Computing Techniques and Applications (DICTA) (03 Dec 2012 - 05 Dec 2012 : Fremantle, WA)
2010A generalized kernel consensus-based robust estimatorWang, H.; Mirota, D.; Hager, G.
2010Generalized kernel-based visual trackingShen, C.; Kim, J.; Wang, H.
2013The generalized minimum spanning tree problem: a parameterized complexity analysis of bi-level optimisationCorus, D.; Lehre, P.; Neumann, F.; Conference on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation (15th : 2013 : Amsterdam, Netherlands)
2011A generalized probabilistic framework for compact codebook creationLiu, L.; Wang, L.; Shen, C.; Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (2011 : Colorado Springs, US)
2016A generalized probabilistic framework for compact codebook creationLiu, L.; Wang, L.; Shen, C.
2002Generalized recursive network: a new architecture for self-routing non-blocking optical switch networksKhandker, M.; Jiang, X.; Horiguchi, S.; Shen, H.
2014Generic node removal for factor-graph SLAMCarlevaris-Bianco, N.; Kaess, M.; Eustice, R.