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2012Tackling polytype queries in inconsistent databases: theory and algorithmXie, Dong; Chen, Xinbo; Zhu, Yan
2012A tag-centric discriminative model for web objects classificationYao, L.; Sheng, Q.; International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (21st : 2012 : Maui, Hawaii)
2014TagTrack: device-free localization and tracking using passive RFID tagsRuan, W.; Yao, L.; Sheng, Q.; Falkner, N.; Li, X.; 11th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems: Computing, Networking and Services (02 Dec 2014 - 05 Dec 2014 : London, Great Britain)
2011A tale of migration to cloud computing for sharing experiences and observationsBabar, M.; Chauhan, M.; 2nd International Workshop on Software Engineering for Cloud Computing (22 May 2011 - 22 May 2011 : Honolulu, Hawaii)
2009Target tracking in multipath environments - an algorithm inspired by data associationSathyan, Thuraiappah; Humphrey, David; Hedley, Mark; International Conference on Information Fusion (12th : 2009 : Seattle, WA, U.S.A.); FUSION '09
2008Target tracking using mean-shift and affine structureZhao, C.; Knight, A.; Reid, I.; International Conference on Pattern Recognition (19th : 2008 : Tampa, Florida)
2015Task-adapted concept map scaffolding to support quizzes in an online environmentAtapattu, T.; Falkner, K.; Falkner, N.; 20th Annual Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education (04 Jul 2015 - 08 Jul 2015 : Vilnius, Lithuania)
2015TaskNav: task-based navigation of software documentationTreude, C.; Sicard, M.; Klocke, M.; Robillard, M.; 37th International Workshop on Software Architecture and Metrics (SAM) (16 May 2015 - 24 May 2015 : Florence, Italy)
2019TasselNetv2: in-field counting of wheat spikes with context-augmented local regression networksXiong, H.; Cao, Z.; Lu, H.; Madec, S.; Liu, L.; Shen, C.
2011Taxonomy, technology and applications of smart objectsLópez, T.; Ranasinghe, D.; Patkai, B.; McFarlane, D.
2003TCG-2: A Test-case Generator for Non-linear Parameter Optimization ProblemsMichalewicz, Z.; Schmidt, M.
2015Teaching computational thinking in K-6: the CSER digital technologies MOOCFalkner, K.; Vivian, R.; Falkner, N.; 17th Australasian Computing Education Conference (ACE 2015) (27 Jan 2015 - 30 Jan 2015 : Sydney, Australia)
2015Teaching in first-year ICT education in Australia: research and practiceMorgan, M.; Sheard, J.; Butler, M.; Falkner, K.; Simon; Weerasinghe, A.; The 17th Australasian Computing Education Conference (ACE 2015) (27 Jan 2015 - 30 Jan 2015 : Sydney, Australia)
2012Teaching puzzle-based learning: development of basic conceptsFalkner, N.; Sooriamurthi, R.; Michalewicz, Z.
2012Teaching puzzle-based learning: development of transferable skillsFalkner, N.; Sooriamurthi, R.; Michalewicz, Z.
2012Teaching tools as teaching tools: contextualised authentic learning examplesFalkner, N.; Falkner, K.; Australasian Association for Engineering Education Conference (23rd : 2012 : Melbourne, Victoria)
2010Techniques on developing context-aware web servicesSheng, Q.; Yu, J.; Segev, A.; Liao, K.
2005Template-based construction of verified softwareHemer, D.; Lindsay, P.
2012A temporal-based model of uncertain RFID dataXie, D.; Sheng, Q.; Ma, J.; International Conference on Computer Science and Education (7th : 2012 : Melbourne, Australia)
2015A temporally invariant representation for visual trackingMa, C.; Yang, X.; Zhang, C.; Yang, M.-.H.; 2015 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP 2015) (27 Sep 2015 - 30 Sep 2015 : Quebec City, Canada)