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2013Linking local and global optical flow computation by subspace regularizationNiu, Y.; Dick, A.; Brooks, M.
2009A new inconsistency measure for linear systems and two applications in motion analysisNiu, Y.; Dick, A.; Brooks, M.; International Conference Image and Vision Computing New Zealand (24th : 2009 : Wellington, New Zealand)
2008Self-calibrating cameras using semidefinite programmingShen, C.; Li, H.; Brooks, M.; Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications (2008 : Canberra, Australia)
2000A simplified treatment of Kanatani's renormalisation methodChojnacki, W.; Brooks, M.; Van Den Hengel, A.; International Conference on Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision (6th : 2000 : Singapore)
2000A framework for understanding renormalisation-type methods in computer visionChojnacki, W.; Brooks, M.; Van Den Hengel, A.; Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems ACIVS (2000 : Baden-Baden, Germany)
2000A fast MLE-based method for estimating the fundamental matrixChojnacki, W.; Brooks, M.; Van Den Hengel, A.; Gawley, D.; APRS/IEEE Workshop on Stereo Image and Video Processing (2000 : Sydney, Australia)
2001Is covariance information useful in estimating vision parameters?Brooks, M.; Chojnacki, W.; Gawley, D.; Van Den Hengel, A.; SPIE Conference on Visual Data Exploration and Analysis (2001 : San Jose, California)
2008Integrated bayesian multi-cue tracker for objects observed from moving camerasKumar, P.; Dick, A.; Brooks, M.; IVCNZ 2008 (23rd : 2008 : Christchurch, New Zealand)
2007Determining the translational speed of a camera from time-varying optical flowVan Den Hengel, A.; Chojnacki, W.; Brooks, M.; International Workshop on Complex Motion (1st : 2004 : Gu╠łnzdurg, Germany)
2012Locally oriented optical flow computationNiu, Y.; Dick, A.; Brooks, M.