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2014Max-margin based learning for discriminative Bayesian network from neuroimaging dataZhou, L.; Wang, L.; Liu, L.; Ogunbona, P.; Shen, D.; 17th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention (MICCAI 2014) (14 Sep 2014 - 18 Sep 2014 : Boston, MA, USA)
2015A hybrid loss for multiclass and structured predictionShi, Q.; Reid, M.; Caetano, T.; Van Den Hengel, A.; Wang, Z.
2010Feature selection with redundancy-constrained class separabilityZhou, L.; Wang, L.; Shen, C.
2017Intelligent techniques using molecular data analysis in leukaemia: an opportunity for personalized medicine support systemBanjar, H.; Adelson, D.; Brown, A.; Chaudhri, N.
2012The segmentation of the left ventricle of the heart from ultrasound data using deep learning architectures and derivative-based search methodsCarneiro, G.; Nascimento, J.; Freitas, A.
2015An improved joint optimization of multiple level set functions for the segmentation of overlapping cervical cellsLu, Z.; Carneiro, G.; Bradley, A.
2013Fourier Lucas-Kanade algorithmLucey, S.; Navarathna, R.; Ashraf, A.; Sridharan, S.
2014Optimizing full-brain coverage in human brain MRI through population distributions of brain sizeMennes, M.; Jenkinson, M.; Valabregue, R.; Buitelaar, J.K.; Beckmann, C.; Smith, S.
2007Learning and matching of dynamic shape manifolds for human action recognitionWang, L.; Suter, D.
2010Hippocampal shape classification using redundancy constrained feature selectionZhou, L.; Wang, L.; Shen, C.; Barnes, N.; International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI) (13th : 2011 : Beijing, China)