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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Hypergraph modelling for geometric model fittingXiao, G.; Wang, H.; Lai, T.; Suter, D.
2017Clustering with Hypergraphs: The Case for Large HyperedgesPurkait, P.; Chin, T.; Sadri, A.; Suter, D.
2006Human motion de-noising via greedy kernel principal component analysis filteringTangkuampien, T.; Suter, D.; International Conference on Pattern Recognition (18th : 2006 : Hong Kong)
2005Two-view multibody structure-and-motion with outliersSchindler, K.; Suter, D.; IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (18th : 2005 : San Diego, CA, U.S.A.)
2009Keypoint induced distance profiles for visual recognitionChin, T.; Suter, D.; IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (22nd : 2009 : Miami, FL, USA)
2017Efficient guided hypothesis generation for multi-structure epipolar geometry estimationLai, T.; Wang, H.; Yan, Y.; Xiao, G.; Suter, D.
2015Efficient globally optimal consensus maximisation with tree searchChin, T.; Purkait, P.; Eriksson, A.; Suter, D.; 2015 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2015) (07 Jun 2015 - 12 Jun 2015 : Boston, MA)
2017RATSAC - Random tree sampling for maximum consensus estimationLe, H.; Chin, T.; Suter, D.; 2017 International Conference on Digital Image Computing - Techniques and Applications (DICTA) (29 Nov 2017 - 01 Dec 2017 : Sydney)
2009Bayesian multi-object estimation from image observationsVo, B.N.; Vo, B.T.; Suter, D.; Pham, N.; International Conference on Information Fusion (12th : 2009 : Seattle, USA)
2008Multi-scale conditional random fields for over-segmented irregular 3D point clouds classificationLim, E.; Suter, D.; Joint IEEE International Workshop on Object Tracking and Classification in and Beyond the Visible Spectrum (5th : 2008 : Anchorage, Alaska)