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2013Fuzzy clustering based encoding for visual object classificationDell'Agnello, D.; Carneiro, G.; Chin, T.; Castellano, G.; Fanelli, A.; Joint World Congress on Fuzzy Systems and NAFIPS Annual Meeting (2013 : Edmonton, Canada)
2013Top-down segmentation of non-rigid visual objects using derivative-based search on sparse manifoldsNascimento, J.; Carneiro, G.; IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (26th : 2013 : Portland, Oregon)
2013Artistic image analysis using graph-based learning approachesCarneiro, G.
2012On-line re-training and segmentation with reduction of the training set: application to the left ventricle detection in ultrasound imagingNascimento, J.; Carneiro, G.; IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (19th : 2012 : Orlando, Florida)
2015Artistic image analysis using the composition of human figuresChen, Q.; Carneiro, G.; 13th European Conference on Computer Vision Workshops (ECCV 2014) (06 Sep 2014 - 07 Sep 2014 : Zurich, Switzerland)
2017Region of interest autoencoders with an application to pedestrian detectionWilliams, J.; Carneiro, G.; Suter, D.; International Conference on Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications (DICTA 2017) (29 Nov 2017 - 01 Dec 2017 : Sydney, AUSTRALIA)
2016Learning local image descriptors with deep siamese and triplet convolutional networks by minimizing global loss functionsVijay Kumar, B.; Carneiro, G.; Reid, I.; 29th IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2016) (26 Jun 2016 - 01 Jul 2016 : Las Vegas, NV)
2017Automatic quantification of tumour hypoxia from multi-modal microscopy images using weakly-supervised learning methodsCarneiro, G.; Peng, T.; Bayer, C.; Navab, N.
2016Unsupervised CNN for single view depth estimation: geometry to the rescueGarg, R.; Vijay Kumar, B.; Carneiro, G.; Reid, I.; 14th European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV 2016) (11 Oct 2016 - 14 Oct 2016 : Amsterdam, Netherlands)
2015An improved joint optimization of multiple level set functions for the segmentation of overlapping cervical cellsLu, Z.; Carneiro, G.; Bradley, A.