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2011Incremental Tensor Subspace Learning and Its Applications to Foreground Segmentation and TrackingHu, Weiming; Li, Xi; Zhang, Xiaoqin; Shi, Xinchu; Maybank, Steve; Zhang, Zhongfei
2011Triangulating a planeOlsson, C.; Eriksson, A.; Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis (23 May 2011 - 27 May 2011 : Sweden)
2011Unsupervised learning of a scene-specific coarse gaze estimatorBenfold, B.; Reid, I.; IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) (06 Nov 2011 - 13 Nov 2011 : Barcelona, Spain)
2011Normalized cuts revisited: a reformulation for segmentation with linear grouping constraintsEriksson, A.; Olsson, C.; Kahl, F.
2011An empirical assessment of a systematic search process for systematic reviewsZhang, H.; Babar, M.A.; Bai, X.; Li, J.; Huang, L.; Evaluation and Assessment in Software Engineering (EASE 2011) (11 Apr 2011 - 12 Apr 2011 : Durham, England)
2011Combining traffic sign detection with 3D tracking towards better driver assistanceTimofte, R.; Prisacariu, V.; Van Gool, L.; Reid, I.
2011A tale of migration to cloud computing for sharing experiences and observationsBabar, M.A.; Chauhan, M.A.; 2nd International Workshop on Software Engineering for Cloud Computing (22 May 2011 - 22 May 2011 : Honolulu, Hawaii)
2011University students face-up to their informal learning practices and cognitive learning strategies with FacebookVivian, R.; Ed-Media (27 Jun 2011 - 01 Jul 2011 : Lisbon, Portugal)
2011Comparison of different evolutionary algorithms for global supply chain optimisation and parameter analysisIbrahimov, M.; Mohais, A.; Schellenberg, S.; Michalewicz, Z.; IEEE Congress of Evolutionary Computation (2011 : New Orleans, USA)
2011Distributed camera overlap estimation - Enabling large scale surveillanceVan Den Hengel, A.; Dick, A.; Detmold, H.; Cichowski, A.; Madden, C.; Hill, R.