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2001Asynchronous transfer mode and other network technologies for wide-area and high-performance cluster computingHawick, K. A.; James, H. A.
2016Mining health examination records - a graph-based approachChen, L.; Li, X.; Sheng, Q.; Peng, W.; Bennett, J.; Hu, H.; Huang, N.
1995Identifying data redundancies within the land classification task: A case study using GIS and inductive learning techniquesEklund, P. W.; Kirkby, Stephen Denis; Salim, A.
2004A method for describing the syntax and semantics of UML statechartsJin, Y.; Esser, Robert Peter; Janneck, Jorn W.
2015A method for extending planar axis-symmetric parallel manipulators to spatial mechanismsIsaksson, M.; Eriksson, A.; Watson, M.; BrogÄrdh, T.; Nahavandi, S.
1996Geographic Field Data Collection: Using machine learning techniques to verify minimum data requirements for the classification taskKirkby, Stephen Denis; Eklund, P. W.
1996Uniform Full-Information Image Matching Using Complex WaveletsPan, He-Ping
2001Towards a Requirements Engineering Process ModelEberlein, Armin; Jiang, Li; International Conference on Object Oriented Information Systems (7th : 2001 : Calgary, Canada)
2016A systematic review of knowledge sharing challenges and practices in global software developmentZahedi, M.; Shahin, M.; Ali Babar, M.
2016Competitive VCG redistribution mechanism for public project problemGuo, M.; 19th International Conference on Principles and Practice of Multi-Agent Systems: PRIMA 2016 (22 Aug 2016 - 26 Aug 2016 : Phuket, Thailand)