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2009Identifying high perceived value practices of CMMI level 2: an empirical studyNiazi, M.; Babar, M.A.
2008Identifying and understanding architectural risks in software evolution: an empirical studySlyngstad, O.; Li, J.; Conradi, R.; Babar, M.; 9th International Conference on Product-Focused Software Process Improvement (PROFES 2008) (23 Jun 2008 - 25 Jun 2008 : Monte Porzio Catone, Italy)
2008Risks and risk management in software architecture evolution: an industrial surveySlyngstad, O.P.N.; Conradi, R.; Babar, M.A.; Clerc, V.; Van Vliet, H.; 15th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC '08) (02 Dec 2008 - 05 Dec 2008 : Beijing, China)
2008Middleware architecture evaluation for dependable self-managing systemsLiu, Y.; Babar, M.A.; Gorton, I.; 4th International Conference on the Quality of Software-Architectures (QoSA 2008) (14 Oct 2008 - 17 Oct 2008 : Karlsruhe, Germany)
2008On identifying the skills needed for software architectsDowney, J.; Babar, M.A.; 1st International Workshop on Leadership and Management in Software Architecture (10 May 2008 - 18 May 2008 : Leipzig, Germany)
2008A model of open source software-based product line developmentAhmed, F.; Capretz, L.F.; Babar, M.A.; 32nd Annual IEEE International Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC 2008) (28 Jul 2008 - 01 Aug 2008 : Turku, Finland)
2008The application of knowledge-sharing workspace paradigm for software architecture processesBabar, M.A.; 30th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2008) (10 May 2008 - 18 May 2008 : Leipzig, Germany)
2008Developing a course on designing software in globally distributed teamsLago, P.; Muccini, H.; Babar, M.A.; 3rd IEEE International Conference Global Software Engineering (ICGSE 2008) (17 Aug 2008 - 20 Aug 2008 : Bangalore, India)
2008Capturing and using quality attributes knowledge in software architecture evaluation processBabar, M.; Capilla, R.; 1st International Workshop on Managing Requirements Knowledge (MaRK '08) (08 Sep 2008 - 08 Sep 2008 : Barcelona, Spain)
2009Design decisions and design rationale in software architectureBabar, M.A.; Lago, P.