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2015Feature selection for position estimation using an omnidirectional cameraDo, H.; Jadaliha, M.; Choi, J.; Lim, C.
2016Revenue maximizing markets for zero-day exploitsGuo, M.; Hata, H.; Babar, A.; 19th International Conference on Principles and Practice of Multi-Agent Systems: PRIMA 2016 (22 Aug 2016 - 26 Aug 2016 : Phuket, Thailand)
2008Understanding elementary landscapesWhitley, L. Darrell; Sutton, Andrew M.; Howe, Adele E.; Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (10th : 2008 : Atlanta, Georgia); GECCO'08
2015Cross-depiction problem: recognition and synthesis of photographs and artworkHall, P.; Cai, H.; Wu, Q.; Corradi, T.
2017A graph-embedding approach to hierarchical visual word mergenceWang, L.; Liu, L.; Zhou, L.
2017Continuous integration, delivery and deployment: a systematic review on approaches, tools, challenges and practicesShahin, M.; Ali Babar, M.; Zhu, L.
2015Formalization of weak emergence in multiagent systemsSzabo, C.; Teo, Y.
2015Visual assymetries for relative depth judgements in a three-dimensional spaceSzpak, A.; Loetscher, T.; Bastian, J.; Thomas, N.; Nicholls, M.
2016Evaluation of an image analysis device (APAS) for screening urine culturesGlasson, J.; Hill, R.; Summerford, M.; Giglio, S.
2016Truth discovery via exploiting implications from multi-source dataWang, X.; Sheng, Q.; Yao, L.; Li, X.; Fang, X.; Xu, X.; Benatallah, B.; 25th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM) (24 Oct 2016 - 28 Oct 2016 : Indianapolis, IN)