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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Robust scale estimation from true parameters of modelWang, Hanzi; Suter, David
2003Aircraft approach angle estimation: Vision based landingTung, D.; Suter, David; Bab-Hadiashar, Alireza
2003False-peaks-avoiding mean shift method for unsupervised peak-valley sliding image segmentationWang, Hanzi; Suter, David
2003Recovering the missing components in a large noisy low-rank matrix: Application to sfmChen, Pei; Suter, David
2003Subspace-based face recognition: outlier detection and a new distance criterionChen, Pei; Suter, David
2003Maximum-likelihood circle-parameter estimation via convolutionZelniker, Emanuel Emil; Clarkson, I. Vaughan L.; Australian Pattern Recognition Society. Conference (7th : 2003 : Sydney, N.S.W.)
2003Decision support for requirements engineering process developmentJiang, L.; Eberlein, A.; Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (2003 : Montreal, Canada)
2003Systems of systems simulation using the high level architectureCramp, A.; Wendelborn, A.; Oudshoorn, J.; Best, J.; SimTect 2003, (2003 : Adelaide, Australia)
2003Robust line-based calibration of lens distortion from a single viewThormaehlen, Thorsten; Broszio, Hellward; Wassermann, Ingolf; Computer Vision / Computer Graphics Collaboration for Model-based Imaging, Rendering, image Analysis and Graphical special Effects (2003 : Rocquencourt, France); Mirage 2003
2003User-Friendly Integration of Virtual Objects into Image Sequences with MosaicsBroszio, Hellward; Thormaehlen, Thorsten; Mikulastik, Patrick; International Conference on Vision Interface (16th : 2003 : Halifax, Canada)