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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004A method for describing the syntax and semantics of UML statechartsJin, Y.; Esser, Robert Peter; Janneck, Jorn W.
2004Shift-invariant wavelet denoising using interscale dependencyChen, P.; Suter, D.; IEEE International Conference on Image Processing - ICIP (2004 : Singapore)
2004Verification of the Futurebus+ cache coherence protocol: A case study in model checkingWilliams, K. E.; Esser, Robert Peter; Australasian Computer Science Conference (27th : 2004 : Dunedin, New Zealand)
2004Garbage collection in single-site and distributed systems via hybridisation of the Beltway and Train AlgorithmsLowry, Matthew C.; WOSSA '2004 (11 January 2004 : Victor Harbor, South Australia)
2004Back-tracking over distributed persistent storage without transactionsBrodie-Tyrrell, William Frederick; WOSSA '2004 (11 January 2004 : Victor Harbor, South Australia)
2004Aircraft pose estimation from homographyBeets, Eric; Boukir, Samia; Suter, David
2004Multi-camera target tracking in blind regions of cameras with non-overlapping fields of viewChilgunde, Amit; Kumar, Pankaj; Ranganath, Surendra; Weimin, Huang; British Machine Vision Conference (15th : 2004 : Kingston University)
2004Shift invariant wavelet denoising using interscale dependencyChen, Pei; Suter, David
2004A study on anti-geometric diffusion for the segmentation of human knee cartilageCheong, James; Suter, David
2004An iterative approach to recovering the missing data in a large low-rank: Application to SFMChen, Pei; Suter, David