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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Pattern Based Property Specification and Verification for Service CompositionYu, Jian; Phan, Tan; Han, Jun; Jin, Yan; Han, Yan-Bo; Wang, Jianwu
2006Perspective n-view multibody structure-and-motion through model selectionSchindler, K.; U, J.; Wang, H.; European Conference on Computer Vision (9th : 2006 : Graz, Austria)
2006Personalized active service spaces for end-user service compositionHan, J.; Han, Y.; Jin, Y.; Wang, J.; Yu, J.; International Conference on Services Computing (3rd : 2006 : Rosemont, USA)
2006A low cost solution to authentication in passive RFID systemsRanasinghe, Damith Chinthana; Lim, Daihyun; Cole, Peter Harold; Devadas, Srinivas
2006A bilinear approach to the parameter estimation of a general heteroscedastic linear system with application to conic fittingChen, Pei; Suter, David
2006Image segmentation using minimal graph cutsEriksson, A.; Barr, O.; Astrom, K.; Swedish Symposium on Image Analysis (2006 : Umea, Sweden)
2006Bijective image registration using thin-plate splinesEriksson, A.; Astrom, K.; International Conference on Pattern Recognition (18th : 2006 : Hong Kong)
2006Zuverlässige Schätzung der Kamerabewegung aus einer BildfolgeThormaehlen, Thorsten
2006Error Analysis of Feature Based Disparity EstimationMikulastik, Patrick; Broszio, Hellward; Thormahlen, Thorsten; Urfalioglu, Onay; Pacific Rim Symposium (1st : 2006 : Hsinchu, Taiwan); PSIVT 2006
2006Error analysis of camera parameter estimation based on collinear featuresUrfalioglu, Onay; Thormaehlen, Thorsten; Broszio, Hellward; Mikulastik, Patrick; Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision (3rd : 2006 : Quebec, Canada)