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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Puzzle-based learningMichalewicz, Z.; Michalewicz, M.; Australasian Association for Engineering Education Conference (18th : 2007 : Melbourne, Australia)
2007Tracking people across disjoint camera views by an illumination-tolerant appearance representationMadden, C.; Cheng, E.; Picardi, M.
2007Comparison of Techniques for Mitigating the Effects of Illumination Variations on the Appearance of Human TargetsMadden, Christopher Stuart Terence; Piccardi, Massimo; Zuffi, S.
2007A bilinear approach to the parameter estimation of a general heteroscedastic linear system, with application to conic fittingChen, P.; Suter, D.
2007Image segmentation with contextEriksson, A.; Olsson, C.; Kahl, F.; SCIA 2007 Scandinavian Conference (15th : 2007 : Aalborg, Denmark)
2007Automatic segmentation of human tibial cartilageCheong, J.; Faggian, N.; Suter, D.; Cicuttini, F.; IASTED International Conference on Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition, and Applications (4th : 2007 : Innsbruck, Austria)
2007Man-made structure segmentation using gaussian procesess and wavelet features.Zhou, H.; Suter, D.; IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (14th : 2007 : San Antonio, Texas)
2007Human pose extraction from monocular videos using constrained non-rigid factorizationShaji, A.; Siddiquie, B.; Chandran, S.; Suter, D.; British Machine Vision Conference (18th : 2007 : Warwick, UK)
2007System modification case studiesDing, Yulin (Rena); Zhang, Yan; Annual International Computer Software and Applications Conference (31st : 2007 : Beijing, China)
2007Differential evolution and non-separability: using selective pressure to focus searchSutton, Andrew M.; Lunacek, Monte; Whitley, L. Darrell; Genetic and evolutionary computation (9th : 2007 : London, England)