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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Understanding elementary landscapesWhitley, L. Darrell; Sutton, Andrew M.; Howe, Adele E.; Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (10th : 2008 : Atlanta, Georgia); GECCO'08
2008Modeling and generating complex motion blur for real-time trackingMei, C.; Reid, I.; IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (21st : 2008 : Anchorage, AK)
2008CTL model update for system modificationsZhang, Yan; Ding, Yulin (Rena)
2008Fast stereo with background removal using phase correlationEffendi, S.; Jarvis, R.; Suter, D.; Image and Vision Computing New Zealand (23rd : 2008 : Christchurch, NZ)
2008Experiences with Building Intrinsic Motivation Through Self Directed ProjectsPope, C.; ERGA Conference (3rd : 2008 : Adelaide, Australia)
2008Robust motion estimation and structure recovery from endoscopic image sequences with an adaptive Scale Kernel Consensus estimatorWang, H.; Mirota, D.; Ishii, M.; Hager, G.; IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (21st : 2008 : Anchorage, AK)
2008Improved spectral relaxation methods for binary quadratic optimization problemsOlsson, C.; Eriksson, A.; Kahl, F.
2008Human motion recognition using gaussian processes classificationZhou, H.; Wang, L.; Suter, D.; International Conference on Pattern Recognition (19th : 2008 : Florida)
2008Deploying and evaluating a mixed reality mobile treasure hunt: Snap2PlayYou, Y.; Chin, T.J.; Lim, J.H.; Chevallet, J.P.; Coutrix, C.; Nigay, L.; International Conference on Mobile Human Computer Interaction (10th : 2008 : Amsterdam)
2008An Approach to domain-specific reuse in service-oriented environmentsWang, Jianwu; Yu, Jian; Falcarin, Paolo; Han, Yan-Bo; Morisio, Maurizio