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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Visual distance measures for object retrievalChen, Y.; Dick, A.; Li, X.; International Conference on Digital Image Computing Techniques and Applications (2012 : Fremantle)
2010Linear discriminant analysis using rotational invariant L₁ normLi, X.; Hu, W.; Wang, H.; Zhang, Z.
2010Spectral Graph Partitioning Based on a Random Walk Diffusion Similarity MeasureLi, X.; Hu, W.; Zhang, Z.; Liu, Y.; Asian Conference on Computer Vision (9th : 2009 : Xi'an, China)
2013Online human gesture recognition from motion data streamsZhao, X.; Li, X.; Pang, C.; Zhu, X.; Sheng, Q.; International Conference on Multimedia (21st : 2013 : Barcelona)
2010Semi-supervised trajectory learning using a multi-scale key point based trajectory representationLiu, Y.; Li, X.; Hu, W.; International Conference on Pattern Recognition (20th : 2010 : Istanbul, Turkey)
2010Context Dependent SVMs for Interconnected Image Network AnnotationSahbi, H.; Li, X.; ACM Multimedia Conference (2010 : Firenze, Italy)
2010Context-based support vector machines for interconnected image annotationSahbi, H.; Li, X.; Asian Conference on Computer Vision (10th : 2010 : Queenstown, New Zealand)
2010Heat kernel based local binary pattern for face representationLi, X.; Hu, W.; Zhang, Z.; Wang, H.
2010Spatio-temporal proximity distribution kernels for action recognitionYuan, C.; Hu, W.; Wang, H.; Li, X.; Xie, N.; IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (35th : 2010 : Dallas, Texas)
2010A pattern-based approach to protocol mediation for web services compositionLi, X.; Fan, Y.; Madnick, S.; Sheng, Q.