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2019Multi-Task Structure-Aware Context Modeling for Robust Keypoint-Based Object TrackingLi, X.; Zhao, L.; Ji, W.; Wu, Y.; Wu, F.; Yang, M.; Tao, D.; Reid, I.
2018A survey of microarchitectural timing attacks and countermeasures on contemporary hardwareGe, Q.; Yarom, Y.; Cock, D.; Heiser, G.
2018Model-driven performance prediction of systems of systemsFalkner, K.; Szabo, C.; Chiprianov, V.; Puddy, G.; Rieckmann, M.; Fraser, D.; Aston, C.
2018Mass segmentation in mammograms: a cross-sensor comparison of deep and tailored featuresCardoso, J.; Marques, N.; Dhungel, N.; Carneiro, G.; Bradley, A.; 24th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP 2017) (17 Sep 2017 - 20 Sep 2017 : Beijing, CHINA)
2018A grid-based reliable multi-hop routing protocol for energy-efficient wireless sensor networksChen, Z.; Shen, H.
2018Improved runtime analysis of RLS and (1+1) EA for the dynamic vertex cover problemPourhassan, M.; Roostapour, V.; Neumann, F.; IEEE Symposium Series on Computation Intelligence (SSCI 2017) (27 Nov 2017 - 01 Dec 2017 : Honolulu, HI, USA)
2018A hybrid feasibility constraints-guided search to the two-dimensional bin packing problem with due datesPolyakovskiy, S.; M'Hallah, R.
2018A mapping study on mining software processDong, L.; Liu, B.; Li, Z.; Wu, O.; Babar, M.; Xue, B.; 24th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC 2017) (04 Dec 2017 - 08 Dec 2017 : Nanjing, CHINA)
2018On the use of repair methods in differential evolution for dynamic constrained optimizationAmeca-Alducin, M.; Hasani-Shoreh, M.; Neumann, F.; 21st International Conference on the Applications of Evolutionary Computation (EvoApplications) (04 Apr 2018 - 06 Apr 2018 : Parma, ITALY)
2018A hyperheuristic approach based on low-level heuristics for the travelling thief problemEl Yafrani, M.; Martins, M.; Wagner, M.; Ahiod, B.; Delgado, M.; Lüders, R.
2018Reading car license plates using deep neural networksLi, H.; Wang, P.; You, M.; Shen, C.
2018A case study of algorithm selection for the traveling thief problemWagner, M.; Lindauer, M.; Mısır, M.; Nallaperuma, S.; Hutter, F.
2018Cluster sparsity field: an internal hyperspectral imagery prior for reconstructionZhang, L.; Wei, W.; Zhang, Y.; Shen, C.; van den Hengel, A.; Shi, Q.
2018A BasisEvolution framework for network traffic anomaly detectionXia, H.; Fang, B.; Roughan, M.; Cho, K.; Tune, P.
2018Dissimilarity-constrained node attribute coverage diversification for novelty-enhanced top-k search in large attributed networksMeng, Z.; Shen, H.
2018Discrepancy-based evolutionary diversity optimizationNeumann, A.; Gao, W.; Doerr, C.; Neumann, F.; Wagner, M.; The Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO 2018) (15 Jul 2018 - 19 Jul 2018 : Kyoto, JAPAN)
2018On the communication variability analysis of the NeCTAR research Cloud systemLi, Z.; Ranjan, R.; O'Brien, L.; Zhang, H.; Babar, M.; Zomaya, A.; Wang, L.
2018Improving k-anonymity based privacy preservation for collaborative filteringWei, R.; Tian, H.; Shen, H.
2018Diffusion wavelet-based privacy preserving in social networksTian, H.; Liu, J.; Shen, H.
2018Image captioning and visual question answering based on attributes and external knowledgeWu, Q.; Shen, C.; Wang, P.; Dick, A.; van den Hengel, A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2477