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2019One-step adaptive Markov random field for structured compressive sensingSuwanwimolkul, S.; Zhang, L.; Ranasinghe, D.; Shi, Q.
2019Practical optimal registration of terrestrial LiDAR scan pairsCai, Z.; Chin, T.; Bustos, A.; Schindler, K.
2019Multi-Task Structure-Aware Context Modeling for Robust Keypoint-Based Object TrackingLi, X.; Zhao, L.; Ji, W.; Wu, Y.; Wu, F.; Yang, M.; Tao, D.; Reid, I.
2019Determining ellipses from low-resolution images with a comprehensive image formation modelChojnacki, W.; Szpak, Z.
2019Ear density estimation from high resolution RGB imagery using deep learning techniqueMadec, S.; Jin, X.; Lu, H.; De Solan, B.; Liu, S.; Duyme, F.; Heritier, E.; Baret, F.
2019Reoptimization Time Analysis of Evolutionary Algorithms on Linear Functions Under Dynamic Uniform ConstraintsShi, F.; Schirneck, M.; Friedrich, T.; Kötzing, T.; Neumann, F.
2019Searching for representative modes on hypergraphs for robust geometric model fittingWang, H.; Xiao, G.; Yan, Y.; Suter, D.
2019Synthetic biology for bioengineering virus-like particle vaccinesCharlton Hume, H.; Vidigal, J.; Carrondo, M.; Middelberg, A.; Roldão, A.; Lua, L.
2019Unsupervised domain adaptation using robust class-wise matchingZhang, L.; Wang, P.; Wei, W.; Lu, H.; Shen, C.; van den Hengel, A.; Zhang, Y.
2019Community-based influence maximization for viral marketingHuang, H.; Shen, H.; Meng, Z.; Chang, H.; He, H.
2019Item diversified recommendation based on influence diffusionHuang, H.; Shen, H.; Meng, Z.
2019Improved network community detection using meta-heuristic based label propagationLe, B.; Shen, H.; Nguyen, H.; Falkner, N.
2018Active learning from noisy tagged imagesAbbasnejad, M.E.; Dick, A.R.; Shi, Q.; Hengel, A.V.D.; British Machine Vision Conference 2018 (BMVC 2018) (03 Sep 2018 - 06 Sep 2018 : Newcastle upon Tyne)
2018Guaranteed outlier removal for point cloud registration with correspondencesBustos, A.; Chin, T.
2018A BasisEvolution framework for network traffic anomaly detectionXia, H.; Fang, B.; Roughan, M.; Cho, K.; Tune, P.
2018Institutional ownership and the choice of equity issue methodKarpavičius, S.; Suchard, J.
2018A hyperheuristic approach based on low-level heuristics for the travelling thief problemEl Yafrani, M.; Martins, M.; Wagner, M.; Ahiod, B.; Delgado, M.; Lüders, R.
2018Convolutional neural networks for seizure prediction using intracranial and scalp electroencephalogramTruong, N.; Nguyen, A.; Kuhlmann, L.; Bonyadi, M.; Yang, J.; Ippolito, S.; Kavehei, O.
2018Model-driven performance prediction of systems of systemsFalkner, K.; Szabo, C.; Chiprianov, V.; Puddy, G.; Rieckmann, M.; Fraser, D.; Aston, C.
2018Image captioning and visual question answering based on attributes and external knowledgeWu, Q.; Shen, C.; Wang, P.; Dick, A.; van den Hengel, A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2526