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2005Linear enamel hypoplasia and historical change in a central Australian communityLittleton, J.; Townsend, G.
2010Links between oral and gastrointestinal healthLogan, R.
2001Lip cancer in South Australia, 1977-1996Moore, S.; Allister, J.; Roder, D.; Pierce, A.; Wilson, D.
2004Lipopolysaccharide stimulates expression of osteoprotegerin and receptor activator of NF-kappa B ligand in periodontal ligament fibroblasts through the induction of interleukin-1 beta and tumor necrosis factor-alphaWada, N.; Maeda, H.; Yoshimine, Y.; Akamine, A.
2010Local and systemic biomarkers in gingival crevicular fluid increase odds of periodontitisFitzsimmons, T.; Sanders, A.; Bartold, P.; Slade, G.
2003Local haemostasis with autologous fibrin glue following surgical enucleation of a large cystic lesion in a therapeutically anticoagulated patientCarter, G.; Goss, Alastair Norman; Lloyd, J.; Tocchetti, Ric
2001The localisation of ED1 antibody in the resorbing hard tissues of the periodontiumDreyer, C.; Pierce, A.
2000Localised enamel hypoplasia of human deciduous canines: genotype or environment?Taji, S.; Hughes, T.; Rogers, J.; Townsend, G.
2004Localized asymmetry in human dental crown form - an interesting caseWetherell, J.; Winning, T.; Townsend, G.
2015Location and severity of root resorption related to impacted maxillary canines: a cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) evaluationDogramaci, E.; Sherriff, M.; Rossi-Fedele, G.; McDonald, F.
2006Location of putative stem cells in human periodontal ligamentChen, S.; Marino, V.; Gronthos, S.; Bartold, P.
2004Long-term cost-effectiveness of single indirect restorations in selected dental practicesKelly, P.; Smales, R.
1996Long-term survival and cost-effectiveness of five dental restorative materials used in various classes of cavity preparationsSmales, R.; Hawthorne, W.
2007Long-term survival of direct and indirect restorations placed for the treatment of advanced tooth wearSmales, R.; Berekally, T.
2004Long-term survival of porcelain laminate veneers using two preparation designs: A retrospective studySmales, R.; Etemadi, S.
2004Long-term survival of repaired amalgams, recemented crowns and gold castingsSmales, R.; Hawthorne, W.
1997Longevity in glass-ionomer restorations: review of a successful techniqueMount, G.
2004Longevity of a resin-modified glass ionomer cement and a polyacid-modified resin composite restoring non-carious cervical lesions in a general dental practiceSmales, R.; Ng, K.
2016Longitudinal changes in dental services provided by Australian dentistsJu, X.; Brennan, D.; Spencer, A.; Teusner, D.
2000Longitudinal changes in the modes of occlusion of permanent teeth - stabilities in the teeth and dentitions of Australian Aborigines Part 3: Constant normal occlusion, constant malocclusions and variable typesNakahara, S.; Takahashi, M.; Kameda, T.; Kameda, A.; Townsend, G.