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2007Management of tooth resorptionHeithersay, G.
2002Management of tooth tissue loss from erosionYip, K.; Smales, R.; Kaidonis, J.
2007Mandibular fractures in Far North Queensland: An ethnic comparisonOberdan, Bill Guglielmo; Finn, Brian
2004Mandibular lengthening by distraction for airway obstruction in Treacher-Collins Syndrome: the long-term resultsAnderson, P.; Netherway, D.; Abbott, A.; Moore, M.; David, D.
2006Mapping oral health related quality of life to generic health state valuesBrennan, D.; Spencer, A.
2000The marginal seal of Fugi bond LC in class II cavities under acid conditionsSiew, B.; Koutsikas, P.; Kaidonis, J.; 39th Annual Meeting ANZ Division, International Association for Dental Research (27 Sep 1999 : Adelaide, Australia)
2011Masseter length determines muscle spindle reflex excitability during jaw-closing movementsNaser-ud-Din, S.; Sowman, P.; Sampson, W.; Dreyer, C.; Turker, K.
2007Masticatory muscles of the great-gray kangaroo (Macropus giganteus)Tomo, S.; Tomo, I.; Townsend, G.; Hirata, K.
2005The masticatory muscles of the Japanese monkey Macaca fuscataTomo, S.; Tomo, I.; Townsend, G.; Hirata, K.; S Tomo, I Tomo, G Townsend (07 Jan 2001 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2007Mathematical analysis of occlusal rest design for cast removable partial denturesLuk, N.; Wu, V.; Liang, B.; Chen, Y.; Yip, K.; Smales, R.
2000Matrix metalloproteinase and tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase in serum and lavage synovial fluid of patients with temporomandibular joint disordersIshimaru, J.; Oguma, Y.; Goss, A.
2013Maxillary implant overdentures: current controversiesDudley, J.
2010Maxillary, mandibular and chin advancement surgery for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnoeaJones, Robert Hillary Boucaut; Badlani, James; Jones, C.
2014Maximizing postmortem oral-facial data to assist identification following severe incinerationBerketa, J.
2005The measurement of tooth whiteness by image analysis and spectrophotometry: a comparisonGuan, Y.; Lath, D.; Lilley, T.; Willmot, D.; Marlow, I.; Brook, A.
2012Measuring the oral health of populationsMejia, G.
2010Mechanisms and control of pathologic bone loss in periodontitisBartold, P.; Cantley, M.; Haynes, D.
2000Medication and dry mouth: Findings from a cohort study of older peopleThomson, W.; Chalmers, J.; Spencer, A.; Slade, G.
2000Medication exposure and dental caries incidence and increment among older South AustraliansThomson, W.; Spencer, A.; Chalmers, J.; Slade, G.; 78th General Session of the International Association of Dental Research (05 Apr 2000 : Washington DC, USA)
2007Medicinal mishap - bisphosphonates and osteonecrosis of the jawsGoss, A.; Backhouse, P.