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2001Using concept mapping to investigate changes in the organisation and integration of students' knowledge to evaluate PBL packagesSkinner, V.; Winning, T.; Townsend, G.; Power of Problem Based Learning (9 December 2001 : Newcastle, Australia)
2008Using oral epidemiology to inform dental public health policyBrennan, D.; Armfield, J.
2006Using qualitative methodology to elucidate themes for a traditional tooth gauging education tool for use in a remote Ugandan communityJamieson, L.
2008Using qualitative methodology to inform an Indigenous-owned oral health promotion initiative in AustraliaJamieson, L.; Parker, E.; Richards, L.
2014Utilisation of oral health services provided by non-dental health practitioners in developed countries: a review of the literatureBarnett, T.; Hoang, H.; Stuart, J.; Crocombe, L.; Bell, E.
2015The utilization of a commercial gloss spray in stabilization of incinerated dental structuresBerketa, J.; Fauzi, A.; James, H.; Lake, A.; Langlois, N.
2014Ūkaipo nihō: the place of nurturing for oral healthBroughton, J.; Person, M.; Maipi, J.; Cooper-Te Koi, R.; Smith-Wilkinson, A.; Taikiwai, S.; Kilgour, J.; Berryman, K.; Morgaine, K.; Jamieson, L.; Lawrence, H.; Thomson, W.
2005Validation of a finite element model of the human metacarpalBarker, D.; Netherway, D.; Krishnan, J.; Hearn, T.
2014Validation of self-reported information on dental caries in a birth cohort at 18 years of ageRibeiro Silva, A.; Baptista Menezes, A.; Formoso Assuncao, M.; Goncalves, H.; Demarco, F.; Vargas-Ferreira, F.; Peres, M.
2012Validity and reliability of tooth size and dental arch measurements: a stereo photogrammetric studyAl-Khatib, A.; Rajion, Z.; Masudi, S.; Hassan, R.; Townsend, G.
2011Validity of 5-year-old children's oral hygiene pattern referred by mothers = Validación del patrón de higiene bucal de niños de cinco años de edad relatado por las madresCascaes, A.; Glazer De Anselmo Peres, K.; De Anselmo Peres, M.; Demarco, F.; Santos, I.; Matijasevich, A.; Barros, A.
2011Validity of dental screening questions in an Indigenous young adult populationJamieson, L.; Kapellas, K.; Roberts-Thomson, K.; Sayers, S.
2012Validity of partial protocols to assess the prevalence of periodontal outcomes and associated sociodemographic and behavior factors in adolescents and young adultsDe Anselmo Peres, M.; Glazer De Anselmo Peres, K.; Cascaes, A.; Correa, M.; Demarco, F.; Hallal, P.; Horta, B.; Gigante, D.; Menezes, A.
2013Validity of scores from communication skills instruments for patients and their dental student-cliniciansWinning, T.; Kinnell, A.; Wener, M.; Mazurat, N.; Schonwetter, D.
2003The value of twins in dental researchTownsend, G.; Richards, L.; Hughes, T.; Pinkerton, S.; Schwerdt, W.
2010Van der Woude syndrome: dentofacial features and implications for clinical practiceLam, A.; David, D.; Townsend, G.; Anderson, P.
2009Variability and patterning in permanent tooth size of four human ethnic groupsBrook, A.; Griffin, R.; Townsend, G.; Levisianos, Y.; Russell, G.; Smith, R.
2007Variability in cusp size of human maxillary molars, with particular reference to the hypoconeTakahashi, M.; Kondo, S.; Townsend, G.; Kanazawa, E.
2003Variables affecting dental health changes in long-term patients attending three selected private practicesSmales, R.; Hawthorne, W.
2006Variation in Dental Crown Morphology in Malaysian PopulationsKhamis, M.; Taylor, J.; Samsudin, A.; Townsend, G.