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2014The accuracy of caries risk assessment in children attending South Australian School Dental Service: a longitudinal studyHa, D.; Spencer, A.; Slade, G.; Chartier, A.
2001Accuracy of emergency department bedside ultrasonographyRowland, J.; Kuhn, M.; Bonnin, R.; Davey, M.; Langlois, S.
2018Accuracy of milled titanium frameworks constructed with splinted impression and direct scanning techniquesDudley, J.; Badwal, A.
2004Acquired immunodeficiency syndromeLogan, R.; Wilson, D.; Moore, S.
2012Acquiring psychomotor skills in operative dentistry: do innate ability and motivation matter?Suksudaj, N.; Townsend, G.; Kaidonis, J.; Lekkas, D.; Winning, T.
1998Activator and Begg appliance management of a severe Angle Class II, division 1 malocclusionCameron, J.; Sampson, W.
2012Adaptation and psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the Index of Dental Anxiety and Fear (IDAF-4C⁺)Carrillo-Diaz, M.; Crego, A.; Armfield, J.; Romero-Maroto, M.
2015Addressing inequalities in oral health in India: need for skill mix in the dental workforceMathur, M.; Singh, A.; Watt, R.
2018The Adelaide Dental School 1917 To 2017Rogers, J.; Townsend, G.; Brown, T.
2000The Adelaide Dental Study of Nursing Homes 1998Chalmers, Jane Margaret; Hodge, Chris; Fuss, Janet Megan; Spencer, Andrew John
2000The Adelaide Dental Study of Nursing Homes: one-year follow-upSpencer, Andrew John; Roberts-Thomson, Kaye Frances; Brennan, David Simon; Jones, Kelly; Armfield, Jason Mathew; Carter, Knute Derek; Chalmers, Jane Margaret; Luzzi, Liana; Stewart, Judith Frances; Teusner, Dana Nicole
2001The Adelaide dental study of nursing homes: One-year follow-up 1999Chalmers, Jane Margaret; Carter, Knute Derek; Hodge, C.; Fuss, Janet Megan; Spencer, Andrew John
1997Adenocarcinoma Originating in the Sublingual gland: Report of a CaseSakashita, H.; Miyata, M.; Miyamoto, H.; Minato, H.
2002Adhesion with glass-ionomerMount, G.
2003Adult dental programs survey 2001-02Brennan, David Simon; Spencer, Andrew John
2013Adult oral health and dental visiting in Australia: results from the National Dental Telephone Interview Survey 2010Harford, J.E.; Islam, S.; Australian Insititute of Health and Welfare
2006Adult oral health inequalities described using area-based and household-based socioeconomic status measuresJamieson, L.; Thomson, W.
2016Adult perceptions of dental fluorosis and select dental conditions-an Asian perspectiveNair, R.; Chuang, J.; Lee, P.; Leo, S.; Yang, N.; Yee, R.; Tong, H.
2011Advanced dental disease in people with severe mental illness: systematic review and meta-analysisKisely, S.; Quek, L.; Pais, J.; Lalloo, R.; Johnson, N.; Lawrence, D.
2009Advances in understanding of toxicities of treatment for head and neck cancerLogan, R.