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2010C-reactive protein in gingival crevicular fluid may be indicative of systemic inflammationMegson, E.; Fitzsimmons, T.; Dharmapatni, A.; Bartold, P.
2014A C-terminal crosslinking telopeptide test-based protocol for patients on oral bisphosphonates requiring extraction: a prospective single-center controlled studyHutcheson, A.; Cheng, A.; Kunchar, R.; Stein, B.; Sambrook, P.; Goss, A.
2006Canadian dental students’ perceptions of their learning environment and psychological functioning over timeStewart, D.; de Vries, J.; Dent, M.; Singer, D.; Degen, G.; Wener, P.
2010Carabelli trait in Australian twins: Reliability and validity of different scoring systemsHasegawa, Y.; Rogers, J.; Scriven, G.; Townsend, G.
2005Cardiac murmurs: echocardiography in the assessment of patients requiring antibiotic prophylaxis for dental treatmentChing, M.; Straznicky, I.; Goss, A.
2007Caries experience among 45-54 year olds in Adelaide, South AustraliaBrennan, D.; Spencer, A.; Roberts-Thomson, K.
1996Caries experience among children in fluoridated Townsville and non-fluoridated BrisbaneSlade, G.; Spencer, A.; Davies, M.; Stewart, J.
2000Caries experience among publicly-funded dental patients in Australia, 1995-96: Type of care and geographic locationBrennan, D.; Spencer, A.; Slade, G.
2002Caries experience in existing and new nursing home residents in Adelaide, AustraliaChalmers, J.; Carter, K.; Fuss, J.; Spencer, A.; Hodge, C.
2011Caries experience of adults attending private and public dental clinics in AustraliaBrennan, D.; Do, L.; Slade, G.
2009Caries experience of private and public dental patientsBrennan, D.; Do, L.
2005Caries incidence and increments in Adelaide nursing home residentsChalmers, J.; Carter, K.; Spencer, A.
2002Caries incidence and increments in community-living older adults with and without dementiaChalmers, J.; Carter, K.; Spencer, A.
2002Caries inhibitory effect of fluoridated sugar in a trial in IndonesiaDalidjan, M.; McIntyre, J.
2012Caries is the main cause for dental pain in childhood: findings from a birth cohortBoeira, G.; Correa, M.; Glazer De Anselmo Peres, K.; De Anselmo Peres, M.; Santos, I.; Matijasevich, A.; Barros, A.; Demarco, F.
2004Caries prevalence and severity in urban Fijian school childrenJamieson, L.; Thomson, W.; McGee, R.
2000Caries prevalence in Adelaide nursing homesFuss, J.; Chalmers, J.; Carter, K.; Hodge, C.; Spencer, A.; 39th Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Association of Dental Research (Australian & New Zealand Division) (27 Sep 1999 : Adelaide, Australia)
2009Caring for oral health in Australian residential careChalmers, J.; Spencer, A.; Carter, K.; King, P.; Wright, C.
2002A case of bitten bettongsJames, H.; Acharya, A.; Taylor, J.; Freak, M.
2003Case report: management of tooth tissue loss from intrinsic acid erosionYip, K.; Smales, R.; Kaidonis, J.