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2011Early childhood feeding practices and dental caries in preschool children: a multi-centre birth cohort studyArora, A.; Scott, J.; Bhole, S.; Do, L.; Schwarz, E.; Blinkhorn, A.
2015Early developmental intervention programmes provided post hospital discharge to prevent motor and cognitive impairment in preterm infantsSpittle, A.; Orton, J.; Anderson, P.J.; Boyd, R.; Doyle, L.W.
2019Early life predictors of brain development at term-equivalent age in infants born across the gestational age spectrumThompson, D.K.; Kelly, C.E.; Chen, J.; Beare, R.; Alexander, B.; Seal, M.L.; Lee, K.; Matthews, L.G.; Anderson, P.J.; Doyle, L.W.; Spittle, A.J.; Cheong, J.L.
2018Early life professional and layperson support reduce poor oral hygiene habits in toddlers-a prospective birth cohort studyHa, D.H.; Do, L.G.
2008Early-phase dental students' motivations and expectations concerning the study and profession of dentistryLalloo, R.; Ayo-Yusuf, O.; Yengopal, V.
2005Educating Edward's Scions - Orthodontic EducationSampson, W.
2014Educating parents of children receiving comprehensive dental care under general anesthesia with visual AIDSPicard, A.; Estrella, M.; Boynton, J.; Maxwell, A.; Inglehart, M.
2014Effect of 3 vertical facial patterns on alveolar bone quality at selected miniscrew implant sitesLi, H.; Zhang, H.; Smales, R.; Zhang, Y.; Ni, Y.; Ma, J.; Wang, L.
2007Effect of a 1-month vs. a 12-month reference period on responses to the 14-item Oral Health Impact ProfileSutinen, S.; Lahti, S.; Nuttall, N.; Sanders, A.; Steele, J.; Allen, P.; Slade, G.
2014The effect of a change in selection procedures on students' motivation to study dentistryGardner, S.; Roberts-Thomson, K.
2007Effect of a ferrule and increased clinical crown length on the In Vitro fracture resistance of premolars restored using two dowel-and-core systemsMeng, Q.; Chen, Y.; Guang, H.; Yip, K.; Smales, R.
2011The effect of a periodontal intervention on cardiovascular risk markers in Indigenous Australians with periodontal disease: the PerioCardio studySkilton, M.; Maple-Brown, L.; Kapellas, K.; Celermajer, D.; Bartold, P.; Brown, A.; O'Dea, K.; Slade, G.; Jamieson, L.
2014Effect of a periodontal intervention on pulse wave velocity in Indigenous Australians with periodontal disease: the PerioCardio randomized controlled trialKapellas, K.; Maple-Brown, L.J.; Bartold, P.M.; Brown, A.; Do, L.G.; O'Dea, K.; Slade, G.D.; Celermajer, D.S.; Jamieson, L.J.; Skilton, M.R.; World Congress in Cardiology Scientific Sessions (06 May 2014 - 06 May 2014 : Melbourne, Victoria)
2009Effect of a surgical approach on the intra-articular architecture of the temporomandibular joint - an animal studyOgi, N.; Kurita, K.; Ishimaru, J.I.; Goss, A.
2010Effect of alkaline growth pH on the expression of cell envelope proteins in Fusobacterium nucleatumZilm, P.; Mira, A.; Bagley, C.; Rogers, A.
2015Effect of an alcohol-based caries detector on the surface tension of sodium hypochlorite preparationsRossi-Fedele, G.; Guastalli, A.
2000The effect of an intra-articular bone fragment in the genesis of temporomandibular joint ankylosisMiyamoto, H.; Kurita, K.; Ogi, N.; Ishimaru, J.; Goss, A.
2007Effect of auricular cartilage graft in the surgical treatment of temporomandibular joint ankylosis: An animal study using sheepTakaishi, M.; Kurita, K.; Matsuura, H.; Goss, A.
2006The effect of autogenous costochondral grafts on temporomandibular joint fibrous and bony ankylosis: A preliminary experimental studyMatsuura, H.; Miyamoto, H.; Kurita, K.; Goss, A.
2004The effect of birthweight on tooth-size variability in twinsApps, M.; Hughes, T.; Townsend, G.