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2014The face, the future, and dental practice: how research in craniofacial biology will influence patient careTownsend, G.; Brook, A.
2013Facial aesthetics and perceived need for further treatment among adults with repaired cleft as assessed by cleft team professionals and laypersonsFoo, P.; Sampson, W.; Roberts, R.; Jamieson, L.; David, D.
2013Factores asociados a la consulta odontológica en niños/as y jóvenes de Talca (Chile) e inmigrantes chilenos de Montreal (Canadá)Nunez, L.; Icaza, G.; Contreras, V.; Correa, G.; Canales, T.; Mejia, G.; Oxman-Martinez, J.; Moreau, J.
1996Factors affecting the amount of long-term restorative dental treatment provided to 100 patients by 20 dentists in 3 Adelaide private practicesHawthorne, W.; Smales, R.
2008Factors associated with infrequent dental attendance in the Australian populationRoberts-Thomson, K.; Slade, G.
2013Factors associated with prevalence of oral lesions and oral self-examination in young adults from a birth cohort in Southern BrazilTarquinio, S.; Correa de Oliveira, L.; Correa, M.; De Anselmo Peres, M.; Glazer De Anselmo Peres, K.; Gigante, D.; Horta, B.; Demarco, F.
2008Factors associated with restoration and extraction receipt among New Zealand childrenJamieson, L.; Koopu, P.
2016Factors associated with routine dental attendance among aboriginal AustraliansAmarasena, N.; Kapellas, K.; Skilton, M.; Maple-Brown, L.; Brown, A.; Bartold, M.; O Dea, K.; Celermajer, D.; Jamieson, L.
2015Factors attributable for the prevalence of dental caries in Queensland childrenDo, L.; Ha, D.; Spencer, A.
2009Factors influencing caries experience among adults with physical and intellectual disabilitiesPradhan, A.; Slade, G.; Spencer, A.
2002Factors influencing choice of dental treatment by private general practitionersBrennan, D.; Spencer, A.
2017Factors influencing early feeding of foods and drinks containing free sugars-a birth cohort studyHa, D.; Do, L.; Spencer, A.; Thomson, W.; Golley, R.; Rugg-Gunn, A.; Levy, S.; Scott, J.
1996Factors influencing nurses' aides' provision of oral care for nursing facility residentsChalmers, Jane Margaret; Levy, Steven M.; Buckwalter, Kathleen C.; Ettinger, Ronald L.; Kambhu, Peter P.
2007Factors influencing oral colonization of mutans streptococci in young childrenLaw, V.; Seow, W.; Townsend, G.
2017Factors influencing the inclusion of oral health education in individualized education plans of children with autism spectrum disorders in SingaporeTong, H.; Lee, H.; Lee, Y.; Low, Y.; Lim, C.; Nair, R.
2008Factors influencing the use of public dental services: An application of the Theory of Planned BehaviourLuzzi, L.; Spencer, A.
2016Factors relating to access to dental care for indigenous South AustraliansJones, K.; Keeler, N.; Morris, C.; Brennan, D.; Roberts-Thomson, K.; Jamieson, L.
2008Faecal microflora and β-glucuronidase expression are altered in an irinotecan-induced diarrhea model in ratsStringer, A.; Gibson, R.; Logan, R.; Bowen, J.; Yeoh, A.; Keefe, D.
2000Failure of presynaptic purinoceptors to modulate noradrenaline release from sympathetic nerves in human dental pulpParker, D.; Marino, V.; Krishna, M.; Polster, A.; DeLaLande, I.
2006Failure to obtain adequate anaesthesia associated with a bifid mandibular canal: a case reportLewKewLin, K.; Townsend, G.