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2003The ICF and oral healthSlade, G.; Sanders, A.
2006Identification and recording of teethTownsend, G.; Winning, T.
2001Identification from a bitemark in a wad of chewing gumNambiar, P.; Carson, G.; Taylor, J.; Brown, K.
1996Identification of basal lamina acidic glycoconjugates, particularly heparan sulphate proteoglycans, using a poly-L-lysine-gold probe in induced oral carcinomasJiang, D.; Wilson, D.; Pierce, A.; Wiebkin, O.
2005Identification of genes differentially expressed in osteoclast-like cellsNomiyama, H.; Egami, K.; Wada, N.; Tou, K.; Horiuchi, M.; Matsusaki, H.; Miura, R.; Yoshie, O.; Kukita, T.
2010Identifying and reducing risks for potential fractures in endodontically treated teethTang, W.; Wu, Y.; Smales, R.
2006Idiopathic pain disorders - Pathways of vulnerabilityDiatchenko, L.; Nackley Neely, A.; Slade, G.; Fillingim, R.; Maixner, W.
2009Immunohistochemical detection of nerve growth factor and its receptors in the rat periodontal ligament during tooth movementO'Hara, A.; Sampson, W.; Dreyer, C.; Pierce, A.; Ferguson, I.
2003Immunohistochemical localisation of extracellular matrix proteins in the periodontium during cementogenesis in the rat molarMatias, M.; Li, H.; Young, W.; Bartold, P.
2004Immunohistochemical localization and expression of fibromodulin in adult rat periodontium and inflamed human gingivaQian, H.; Xiao, Y.; Bartold, P.
2003Immunohistochemical localization and expression of fibromodulin in the periodontiumQian, H.; Fan, M.; Xiao, Y.; Bartold, P.
2003Immunohistochemical localization of fibromodulin in the periodontium during cementogenesis and root formation in the rat molarMatias, M.; Li, H.; Young, W.; Bartold, P.
2006Immunohistochemical study of bone sialoprotein and osteopontin in healthy and diseased root surfacesLao, M.; Marino, V.; Bartold, P.
2009Immunomodulatory Properties of Human Periodontal Ligament Stem CellsWada, N.; Menicanin, D.; Shi, S.; Bartold, P.; Gronthos, S.
2011Impact of adverse news media on prescriptions for osteoporosis: effect on fractures and mortalitySambrook, P.; Nordin, B.; Goss, A.
2014Impact of dental anxiety and fear on dental care use in Brazilian womenGoettems, M.; Schuch, H.; Demarco, F.; Ardenghi, T.; Torriani, D.
2008Impact of dental care on oral health-related quality of life and treatment goals among elderly adultsGagliardi, D.; Slade, G.; Sanders, A.
2012Impact of dental visiting trajectory patterns on clinical oral health and oral health-related quality of lifeCrocombe, L.; Broadbent, J.; Thomson, W.; Brennan, D.; Poulton, R.
2015Impact of entertainment media smoking on adolescent smoking behaviours (protocol)Bhaumik, S.; Arora, M.; Singh, A.; Sargent, J.
2014Impact of initiatives to reduce public dental waiting lists in Queensland, AustraliaLalloo, R.; Kroon, J.