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2015Nanoscratch testing for the assessment of enamel demineralization under conditions simulating wine erosionKwek, S.; Mian, M.; Hall, C.; Xie, Z.; Yong, R.; Kaidonis, J.; Townsend, G.; Ranjitkar, S.
2006Nanotechnology and its role in the management of periodontal diseasesKong, L.; Peng, Z.; Li, S.; Bartold, P.
2012The nasopharynx in infants with cleft lip and palateRajion, Z.; Al-Khatib, A.; Netherway, D.; Townsend, G.; Anderson, P.; McLean, N.; Samsudin, A.
2002National Oral Health Survey of Vietnam 2001Truong, T.; Hai, T.; An, L.; Spencer, A.; Roberts-Thomson, K.
2008The National Survey of Adult Oral Health 2004-06: Western AustraliaDo, L.; Ellershaw, A.; Harford, J.; Luzzi, L.; Roberts-Thomson, K.; Slade, G.; Spencer, A.
2016Natural history and long-term impact of dental fluorosis: a prospective cohort studyDo, L.; Ha, D.; Spencer, A.
2007Nature and frequency of bisphosphonate-associated osteonecrosis of the jaws in AustraliaMavrokokki, T.; Cheng, A.; Stein, B.; Goss, A.
2010The nature and frequency of bisphosphonate-associated osteonecrosis of the jaws in dental implant patients: A South Australian case seriesGoss, A.; Bartold, P.; Sambrook, P.; Hawker, P.
1998The nature and progression of dental cariesMcIntyre, J.
2014The nature of surgical education early in the 21(st) centurySambrook, P.
1995Necrotising ulcerative stomatitis in association with NUP in an HIV positive maleCoates, Elizabeth Ann; Gorkic, Edward; Rogers, G.; Goss, Alastair Norman
2001Negotiating the maze: Case based, collaborative distance learning in dentistryLechner, S.; Kandlbinder, P.; Gonsalkorale, S.; Bradshaw, M.; Harris, K.; Winning, T.
2016Neonatal brain tissue classification with morphological adaptation and unified segmentationBeare, R.J.; Chen, J.; Kelly, C.E.; Alexopoulos, D.; Smyser, C.D.; Rogers, C.E.; Loh, W.Y.; Matthews, L.G.; Cheong, J.L.; Spittle, A.J.; Anderson, P.J.; Doyle, L.W.; Inder, T.E.; Seal, M.L.; Thompson, D.K.
2011Neural blockade anaesthesia of the mandibular nerve and its terminal branches: Rationale for different anaesthetic techniques including their advantages and disadvantagesKhoury, J.; Townsend, G.
1996Neural structures within the sheep temporomandibular jointTahmasebi-Sarvestani, Abdolghafar; Tedman, Raymond A.; Goss, Alastair Norman
2002The neural-immune network of nerve fibres, mast cells and Langerhans cells in human gingivaPujic, Z.; Savage, N.; Bartold, P.; Walsh, L.
2012New approaches to dental anthropology based on the study of twinsTownsend, G.; Bockmann, M.; Hughes, T.; Mihailidis, S.; Seow, W.; Brook, A.
2012New directions in dental anthropology: paradigms, methodologies and outcomesTownsend, G.; Kanazawa, E.; Takayama, H.
2006New growth references for assessment of stature and skeletal maturation in AustraliansLin, N.; Ranjitkar, S.; Macdonald, R.; Hughes, T.; Taylor, J.; Townsend, G.
2010New insights into tooth wear based on in vitro studiesRichards, L.; Kaidonis, J.; Townsend, G.