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2008A qualitative assessment of non-carious cervial lesions in human teethNguyen, C.; Ranjitkar, S.; Kaidonis, J.; Townsend, G.
2012Qualitative comparison of sonic or laser energisation of 4% sodium hypochlorite on an Enterococcus faecalis biofilm grown in vitroSeet, A.; Zilm, P.; Gully, N.; Cathro, P.
2014A qualitative investigation of RANKL, RANK and OPG in a rat model of transient ankylosisCurl, L.; Tan, C.; Dreyer, C.; Sampson, W.
2013A qualitative study of the interactions among the psychosocial work environment and family, community and services for workers with low mental healthMackenzie, C.; Keuskamp, D.; Ziersch, A.; Baum, F.; Popay, J.
2014Quality and readability of online information concerning wisdom tooth problemsHanna, K.M.; Brennan, D.; Sambrook, P.; Armfield, J.; 54th Annual Scientific Meating of the International Association for Dental Research Australian & New Zealand Division (28 Sep 2014 - 30 Sep 2016 : Brisbane)
2007Quality of life and disability weights associated with periodontal diseaseBrennan, D.; Spencer, A.; Roberts-Thomson, K.
2011Quality of life and psychosocial outcomes after fixed orthodontic treatment: A 17-year observational cohort studyArrow, P.; Brennan, D.; Spencer, A.
2013Quality of life and willingness-to-pay for dental extractions among Singaporean-elderlyNair, R.; Yee, T.F.R.; Liang, S.; Tsakos, G.; 10th World Congress on Preventive Dentistry (09 Oct 2013 - 12 Oct 2013 : Budapest, Hungary)
2012Quality of life valuations of HPV-associated cancer health states by the general populationConway, E.; Farmer, K.; Lynch, W.; Rees, G.; Wain, G.; Adams, J.
2016A quantification of regenerated bone tissue in human sinus biopsies: influences of anatomical region, age and sexReich, K.M.; Huber, C.D.; Heimel, P.; Ulm, C.; Redl, H.; Tangl, S.
2000Quantification of the architecture of the condyle of Human temporomandibular (Joint)Wilson, D.; Crowley, C.; Gardner, J.; Wilson, M.; Wilson, M.; Wiebkin, O.; Parkinson, I.; Fazzalari, N.; The Human Skeleton - from molecules to structure and function - Academy of Science Boden 2000 (01 Mar 2000 : Clare, South Australia)
2001Quantitation of chondroitin-sulfates, disaccharides and hyaluronan in normal, early and advanced osteoarthritic sheep temporomandibular jointsIshimaru, J.; Ogi, N.; Mizuno, S.; Goss, A.
2000Quantitation of the trabecular structure of the condyle: a study of temporomandibular jointsWiebkin, O.; Gardner, J.; Wilson, M.; Wilson, M.; Parkinson, I.; Fazzalari, N.; Wilson, D.; Federation of European Connective Tissue Societies, Biennial Meeting (01 Jul 2000 : Patras, Greece)
1995Quantitative forensic evaluation of bitemarks with the aid of a shape analysis computer program. Part 1 The development of SCIP and the Similarity IndexNambiar, P.; Bridges, Trevor Edwin; Brown, Kenneth Aylesbury
1995Quantitative forensic evaluation of bitemarks with the aid of a shape analysis computer program. Part 2 SCIP and bitemarks in skin and foodstuffsNambiar, P.; Bridges, Trevor Edwin; Brown, Kenneth Aylesbury
2008Quarter of a century of change: caries experience in Australian children 1977-2002Armfield, J.; Spencer, A.
2018Race- and income-related inequalities in oral health in Australian children by fluoridation statusDo, L.; Ha, D.; Roberts-Thomson, K.; Jamieson, L.; Peres, M.; Spencer, A.
2016Racism and oral health outcomes among pregnant Canadian Aboriginal womenLawrence, H.; Cidro, J.; Isaac-Mann, S.; Peressini, S.; Maar, M.; Schroth, R.; Gordon, J.; Hoffman-Goetz, L.; Broughton, J.; Jamieson, L.
2005Radiation-induced root surface caries restored with glass-ionomer cement placed in conventional and ART cavity preparations: Results at two yearsHu, J.; Chen, X.; Li, Y.; Smales, R.; Yip, K.
2006Radiographic anatomy of the maxilla and mandibleTownsend, G.; Winning, T.