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2011Ultrasonography, lateral cephalometry and 3D imaging of the human masseter muscleNaser-ud-Din, S.; Thoirs, K.; Sampson, W.
2010Ultrasound measurements of the masseter muscle as predictors of cephalometric indices in orthodontics: A pilot studyNaser-ud-Din, S.; Sampson, W.; Dreyer, C.; Thoirs, K.
2001Ultrastructural changes in postcapillary-sized venule morphology in aged mouse periodontal ligamentCameron, J.; Sims, M.; Sampson, W.
2006Ultrastructure of Er:YAG laser-treated human dentineHusein, A.; Ngo, H.; McIntyre, J.; Abbott, J.
2014Under your nose: a rare finding during dissection provides insights into maxillary supernumerary teethRedwood, C.; Townsend, G.; Ghabriel, M.; Brook, A.
2002Undergraduate student experience in dental service delivery in rural South Australia: An analysis of costs and benefitsRichards, L.; Symon, B.; Burrow, D.; Chartier, A.; Misan, G.; Wilkinson, D.
1997Une Nouvelle Classification Dec CavitiesMount, G.; Hume, W.
2001Unilateral mandibular condylectomy in lambsMiyamoto, Hizuru; Matsuura, H.; Jones, Robert Hillary Boucaut; Kurita, Kenichi; Goss, Alastair Norman
2010The University of AdelaideMiller, J.
2010University teaching of implant dentistry: guidelines for education of dental undergraduate students and general dental practitioners. An Australian consensus documentMattheos, N.; Ivanovski, S.; Heitz-Mayfield, L.; Klineberg, I.; Sambrook, P.; Scholz, A.
2013Unmet dental need in community-dwelling adults with mental illness Results from the 2007 Medical Expenditure Panel SurveyHeaton, L.; Mancl, L.; Grembowski, D.; Armfield, J.; Milgrom, P.
2006An unusual complication of mandibular distractionParashar, S.; Anderson, P.; David, D.
2009An unusual healing of a replanted permanent lateral incisorArrow, P.
2008Up-regulation of multiple proteins and biological processes during maxillary expansion in ratsMa, J.; Wu, Y.; Zhang, W.; Smales, R.; Huang, Y.; Pan, Y.; Wang, L.
2003Upregulation of immunoreactivity of endothelin-1 and a-SMA in PDL microvasculature following acute tooth loading: an immunohistochemical study in the marmosetSims, M.; Ashworth, J.; Sampson, W.
2003Uptake and release of [3H]adenosine in human dental pulpMarino, V.; Parker, D.
2007Uptake and release of [H-3]GABA in human dental pulpNassery, K.; Marino, V.; Parker, D.
2000Usage of denture adhesivesCoates, A.
2008Use of a bottle warmer to increase 4% sodium hypochlorite tissue dissolution ability on bovine pulpRossi-Fedele, G.; De Figueiredo, J.
2003Use of a matrix scaffold for tissue engineering and bone regenerationBartold, P.; Xiao, Y.